ShippyPro Label Creator is the perfect tool to print your labels in one click.

Avoid Copy and Paste and forget the manual work once for all by managing your shipping labels from one easy to use dashboard! 🎉

Avoid Copy and Paste and forget the manual work once for all by managing your shipping labels from one easy to use dashboard!

The section Label Creator > Shipping Labels allows you to print your labels and update your marketplaces.

Want to Print your first Label? Here's an article that helps you step by step


If you'd like to have a general overview of the section Shipping Labels, continue reading.
Let's see all the features in details! 🔍


1. Understanding how the Dashboard works

ShippyPro allows you to manage one single Shipping Label at a time from the Dashboard. 

Note: Please remember that you first need to ship the order from Label Creator > To Ship be able to print the relative shipping label. 

Learn how to do it step by step here: 

Here's how your shipping labels look on the dashboard. Let's see all the different columns!

Order ID

In the first column, you'll find the order details (eg. Order ID, Date, Client, Total Price etc)

If you'd like to see some additional info, click on this sign ➕ on the left: 

If you haven't connected carriers with live rates (UPS, FedEx, DHL, TNT), you'll be able to View Detailed Pricing: 

Marketplace and Carrier Update

Once the shipment is created, ShippyPro automatically marks your orders as shipped on the sales channels, each one with the tracking number

In a few minutes, you'll see the sandglass icon ⌛️ turning into a green tick ✅. This means that both your Marketplace and the Carrier are up to date.
If not, it means that the update of your Sales Channels and Carriers is manual. You can choose how to update them when you first connect your Carriers and when you first connect your Sales Channels


The Tracking Number can be found under the column Tracking

You can click on it to see the Tracking History with the shipment updates transmitted directly by the carrier. 

Note: Please note that since the shipment updates are retrieved from carriers, it won't be possible to translate them. 🌐

Click on the Tracking Number again to be redirected to the Carrier External Tracking Page.

Shipments Update

Under this column, you'll find the most recent shipment update sent by the carrier.


When a Shipping Label is correctly created, the Status is always Completed.

If there was an error while creating the shipping label, you'll find an error message under this column.


Under Documentation, you'll find the Shipping Label ready to be printed out. 🖨
You can also find your Commercial Invoice if you created it. Click here to learn how to do it. 

If you'd like to learn how to print your Shipping Labels in detail, click here: 

Click on the violet icon to open the shipping label or your CommerciaI Invoice in a new tab

Once you've opened the shipping label, a green printer icon will appear next to the violet one. 

If you hover over it, you'll be able to see the last time you opened the label. 



Here are some tools you can use to make adjustments to your order. 

Let's see what you can do!

  • Archive: Click on the blue folder icon to archive the order. You'll then find all archived orders for a maximum of 120 days under Views > My Archived Orders. You can also unarchive them by clicking on the same blue folder icon. Click here to learn how to archive your orders step by step.
  • Hide: Click on the blue ✖️ icon to hide an order. All the hidden orders will be gathered under Views > Cancelled Orders. Please note that you can't undo deleting an order even though you can still see it. 
  • Add a note: You can add a note to your orders by clicking on the blue Notebook icon. You'll then see your note in red under Order ID.


  • Edit order: Click on the blue ✏️ icon to edit some order info. In the window that pops up, you can edit parcel dimensions, sender info and recipient info. You'll also be able to add some Shipment Info. For example: Insurance, COD, Carrier Notes etc...

Note: Please note that if you change some order info, a new shipping label will be automatically created. Click on the violet icon again to open the new shipping label in a new tab. 


2. How to Filter your orders

ShippyPro allows you to use some advanced filters to view only specific orders. 

Read this detailed article to learn more about how you can filter your shipments:


3. How to Manage your Orders   

Want to Print your first Label? Here's an article that helps you step by step

Keep reading if you'd like to know more about what you can do from Label Creator > Shipping Labels

You can manage your orders from the buttons at the center of the page.

Let's see them in details:


Inside this section, you can additionally filter your shipments. 

Let's see how! 🔍

  • My Archived orders and Cancelled orders: Here you'll see all your archived and cancelled orders. 
  • My Return orders: By clicking on it, you'll view all the orders that are returned. Returns differ from standard orders which display a yellow arrow icon near the green tick. 

Note: Please note that this section will be available only if you manage your returns with Easy Return. Click here to find out more about our Returns Management Software.

  • Orders yet to be printed: Click here to view orders whose shipping label was not printed out yet. 
  • Orders waiting to be transmitted to the carrier: View orders that need to be transmitted to the carrier. Learn how to Close workday here.
  • Orders waiting to be updated on marketplaces: View orders whose marketplace was not updated yet.



This section allows you to archive orders and create shipping documents.

  • Archive all Orders

You can either archive all orders or archive only selected order/s by selecting them manually. 

You'll then find all the archived orders for a maximum of 120 days under Views > My Archived Orders. You can also unarchive them singularly by clicking on the blue folder icon under Action or Unarchive all the orders you select under Management > Unarchive selected orders.

  • Create Excel

ShippyPro helps you keep records of your orders data. 

Click here to read the step-by-step guide to know how you can Create an Excel in details: 


  • Create Picking List

Read this article to learn how to Create a Picking List step by step:



Here are some additional features at your disposal: 

Send Shipping Labels via email 📩

You can send Shipping Labels to your customers directly via email in a few steps.

Fill out the fields and the Email content. The default sender email address is [email protected] but you can easily change it from Integrations > Plugin. Read this article to find out how.

Send order shipped emails to my customers 📩

ShippyPro allows you to send an email to your customers as soon as the order is shipped. 

You can either do this manually or let ShippyPro do it with the Track & Trace feature. Read this article to know how to do it step by step. 

If you disabled the automatic sending of Order Shipped emails to your customers, you can still notify them manually from here. 

You only need to select the orders and then click on Send order shipped email to my customers.

Create Invoice or Order Summary and Create A6 Order Summary 📄

Read this article to learn how to Create an Invoice or an A6 Order Summary step by step. 


Update marketplaces with shipments info ⚙️

Marketplaces are updated automatically by ShippyPro. 

However, you may for some reason like to disable this feature and update some marketplaces manually. 

You can update them whenever you like by selecting the relative orders and click on Update marketplaces with shipments info.

Global Search 🔍

Global Search is a search bar. It differs from the white search tool because it includes archived and cancelled orders. 

Search an order by number, reference, recipient or tracking!

Done! 🎉

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