Printing your Shipping Labels in ZPL has never been easier with ShippyPro.

Learn how to automate this time-consuming process and save 40 minutes every day!

Here's how to print your labels directly from ShippyPro if you're using a Zebra Printer.🔍

1. Install QZ Tray

From Label Creator > Shipping Labels, click on the first blue button Print > Print on Zebra.

As you can see, you need to install QZ Tray software. Click on your software to start the download automatically from it.

Click here to learn how to install Qz Tray on Windows:

Click here to learn how to install Qz Tray on Mac:


2. How to print multiple ZPL Labels

Note: Remember that you can still print your ZPL lables in PDF by clicking on Print > Print ZPL in PDF.  

  • To print multiple ZPL labels, select the orders you'd like to ship and click on Print > Print on Zebra.
  • From the little window that pops up, connect Qz Tray software and then click on Print:  

Note: Please remember to open QZ Tray every time you'd like to print a ZPL label.
Remember that QZ Tray works only from Chrome Browser.

3. How to print ZPL Labels singularly

To print your ZPL labels singularly, just click on the violet icon under Documentation:

Want to print your shipping labels in PDF? Here's how to do it step by step:


And done! 🎉

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