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Learn how to connect useful tools and apps in a few steps

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ShippyPro allows you to add some integrations to your ShippyPro Profile from Utilities > Plugin.

Learn how to connect your MailChimp account, Gmail, Instagram, PrintNode and so on... 🔍

1. MailChimp 📧

You can connect your MailChimp account to ShippyPro to add a newsletter signup block into your Tracking Page.

This way, your customers will be able to add their email in order to receive your newsletters.

 Learn how you can add the MailChimp signup banner here:

Connecting your MailChimp account is really easy. From Utilities > Plugin just click on the MailChimp logo, click then on Link My MailChimp account and you'll be redirected to relative login. 

Once Mailchimp has been connected from Utilities > Plugin menu, the email of the order recipient will automatically be transmitted to Mailchimp.

📌The Mailchimp owner is responsible for notifying the recipient that the email may be used for marketing purposes.

2. PrintNode 🖨

PrintNode is a fast cloud printing service that supports all printers. Using PrintNode will allow you to print your shipping labels as soon as you generate them.

PrintNode costs 9$ for 5000 prints. Here you can create an account to start printing from several printers. 

💡Note: You need to have Printnode opened on your device in order to set it up on ShippyPro.

Learn how you can connect your PrintNode Account to ShippyPro here: 


3. Gmail 📩

⚠️ Kindly note that the Gmail Plugin service is currently under maintenance

You can send Tracking Emails to your customers using your Gmail account.
Connecting it to ShippyPro is really simple. 

By clicking on the Gmail logo, you'll be redirected to Gmail login page

On the left side of the page, you'll be able to edit your Gmail integration and set this server as default for Tracking Emails and every time you need to contact your customers via email.

Why can't I connect Gmail Plugin? 🔎

In case you're facing some issues with the connection, try to follow the steps below, indeed Google recently started to block the connection from third-party app without 2 factors authentication.

  1. Access your Google Mail account (@gmail or @domain in case you use Gsuite) and follow this guide to configure 2FA : Google Account > Security > 2-Step Verification > Start.

  2. Once activated 2FA on your account, you need to create an App Password: Google Account > Security > "Access to Google" section > App Passwords > login. Select then "Other" inside the list and name it "ShippyPro" before clicking on Generate.

This action will create a different password from the ones usually employed to be only used inside ShippyPro App > Utilities > Plugins > SMTP.

4. SMTP Server 📩

Would you like to use your email as sender for Tracking emails instead of

You can connect your customized SMTP Server filling out the required data. If you don't have them, you can easily ask them to your SMTP Provider. 


SMTP Username: email address (eg: [email protected])

SMTP Password: password related to the email inbox

Port: 465

Sender name: Name of the sender

Sender address: [email protected]

Tick the box at the bottom of the window to set your server as dafault. 

📌 Note: POP3/IMAP and SMTP Server address follow this convention:


If you'll receive a test email then the connection will be correctly established.

💡 Are you getting the following error: Error adding SMTPServer integration: SMTP connect() failed ?

This message usually indicates that the credentials introduced are incorrect, or there's an active firewall that's blocking the connection.


5. SendGrid 📩

You can also set SendGrid as default server for your sending emails to your customers. 

To connect SendGrid to ShippyPro, you need to create an API key and fill in this data.
Tick the box at the bottom of the window to set your server as default. 

⚠️Please notice the Sender Name is not an email address and it needs to match with the Sender Name configured in SendGrid.
You can find more information on the Sender here


6. Instagram 📸

⚠ Please note that Instagram plugin is under maintenance and not working until further notice

You can connect your Instagram account to your ShippyPro profile to increase your social networks Engagement

Add your latest Instagram posts to your Tracking Page to increase your Instagram Likes and Followers! 

Learn how to do it here:

To connect Instagram, click on the relative logo and then on Link my Instagram account. You'll be then redirected to the Instagram login. 

Done! 🎉

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