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How to print your Shipping Labels in PDF
How to print your Shipping Labels in PDF

Learn how to print your shipping labels in a few clicks.

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Printing your Shipping Labels has never been easier with ShippyPro.

Learn how to automate this time-consuming process and save 40 minutes every day!

Here's how to print your labels in PDF in a few clicks!  🔍

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1. How to print multiple labels in PDF

You can print multiple labels in a few clicks from Label Creator > Shipping Labels

  • First of all, select the orders you'd like to include. You can either select all the orders by ticking the box next to Order ID or selecting them singularly:

  • Click on Print > Print Multiple Labels to print all the Shipping Labels you selected. A new tab will open on the browser with all labels to be printed directly. 

  • You'll be able to print your labels in a few clicks following your browser settings.

Note: Please note that Print Multiple Labels is only available for PDF


How can I know that I've already printed that label?

Easy peasy. 

  • Once you've opened the shipping label, a green printer icon will appear next to the violet one. 

  • If you hover over it, you'll be able to see the last time you opened the label. 


2. How to print labels in PDF singularly

With ShippyPro, you can easily print your shipping labels singularly if you need to.  

Follow these easy steps:

  • Find your order using the search tool or the Global Search

  • Under Documentation column you'll find the Shipping Label ready to be printed out. 

  • Click on the violet icon to open the shipping label in a new tab


Want to print your shipping labels in ZPL? Here's how to do it step by step:



1. Why if I select all of my orders the PDF won't appear?  

If you selected all of your orders but you receive a Error 524 message, it means that orders selected are too many, try to select a lower number in order to avoid this issue to show up again.

2. Can I change my Print Format?
Of course! You can select the format you'd like to apply to your labels from Carriers > Connection > Edit and then switch from PDF to ZPL or viceversa.

💡Note: the change is not retroactive, so it will be applied to the next shipments.

3. I get "Please confirm again the order printing selection from the menu" message

📌 Click on F5 in order to refresh the page and then repeat the procedure.

📌 Verify to have correctly selected all the orders to print.

Done! 🎉

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