How to fix MyDHL errors

Learn how to solve the issues you may face with DHL Express

Have you correctly connected MyDHL, but you're facing some issue during label creation? 🔍


Here's how you can fix them case by case:


If you don't see MyDHL carrier anymore at the carrier selection step, click on Excluded carriers section. In case you see the following error:

996: The requested product(s) not available for the requested pickup date. Process ID associated for this transaction

go to Carriers > MyDHL > Edit > Select the default amount of additional weekdays required to prepare the shipments


You can change the default number of days from the drop-down menu in case the next day is Bank Holiday in the country you are shipping from.

For example, tomorrow is a bank holiday - change this value to either "Same Day" or "2" days required.

If the following 2 days are both bank holidays, change this value to "3" days required.

Make sure to do this on all your myDHL connections, even though you might use only one service.


Error returned from DHL webservice : SV012a : The system could not verify your shipping account number. Please correct this number and resubmit.For assistance call DHL customer services

In this case you should directly get in touch with DHL to better understand the origin of the issue


Error returned from DHL webservice : SV011a : Cannot determine destination service

Please check your recipient's data and add or fix them where necessary


No rates found

Please read the following tips to troubleshoot:

- Go to Carriers page, click on Edit > Save. If you see a specific error message you can search our HELP center for more details on how to solve it.

- Check if the credentials employed are valid and if they have been activated by your Sales person (you can check in the carrier connection guide in our HELP center whether an additional activation or procedure is required).

- Delete any possible space in your credentials

- Choose "All Services" under Product Code from Carriers > Edit


Error 400 during shipment creation step (in Excluded carriers section) or Undefined Error. Status Code: 400

Try to flag the Test mode from Carriers > MyDHL > Edit.

If in test mode the connection is working and you can see the carrier rates, it means their credentials are not enabled in Production environment.

Please check the settings from your DHL Developer profile - MYDHL API > App Name and verify if you have enabled the Production environment (see the screenshot).


Error while booking the pickup: Order XY does not belong to configuration #CONFIGNUMBER.

The error appears because the selected orders were made with one MyDHL connection, and then the pickup was booked with another connection. Make sure to select the correct MyDHL connection (the one which you used to create the shipping labels) and retry.



#/customerDetails/shipperDetails/addressLine1: expected maxLength: 45, actual: XXwhile creating the shipments

Go to My Profile > Sender info section and verify if the address doesn't exceed the required number of characters (45).
❗ Note that the address line 1 is counted as a combination of Street and Street Number fields, so make sure that the total number of characters (spaces included) doesn't exceed 45.



#/content/exportDeclaration/lineItems/0: required key [manufacturerCountry] not found

Move the order back in the To Ship section clicking on the little arrow and make sure that you have correctly filled the CN22 form before creating your international shipment (or if you're shipping via API, to have correctly included the CN22 tag in your Ship API request).

The # / content/ exportDeclaration /lineItems/[0]/ manufacturerCountry value provided is invalid

If you're shipping via API, make sure that you're introducing the correct ISO 2-digit country code.

410137: Product filtered out on delivery side because actual delivery time configured in TTS is greater than marketed delivery time configured in GREF, 1/-

The error indicates that you are attempting to use a Priority service (Express 9:00, Express 10:30, Express 12) to a destination that does not support it.
In this case, reprocess the shipment with a Standard service.

#/customerDetails/receiverDetails/postalAddress/addressLine3: expected maxLength: 45

The error indicates that the Carrier Notes field exceeds the 45 characters allowed by MyDHL, reduce the characters entered in this field and resave the shipment.


#\/content: required key [declaredValue] not found" error on MyDHL orders with amounts over £1000.

In this case, make sure to check the total value and separate with a , or . only the decimals and not also the thousands, otherwise the value won't be correctly registered.

8010: The Freight Payer Account is invalid

If you are trying to ship with Incoterm EXW, please check that the Account Number (third party customer code) entered when creating the shipment is correct:

998: [ISC.0082.9464] Value is shorter than minimum length ---- /shipreq:ShipmentRequest/ RequestedShipment/ Ship/Shipper/Address/StreetLines2''

This error means Address 2 contains fewer characters than the minimum length, please check this field and notice each space counts as 1 character.

[ISC.0082.9464] Value is shorter than minimum length ------------ / shipreq:ShipmentRequest/ RequestedShipment/ Ship/Recipient/ Address/StreetLines3

Unlike the previous error, the Address Line 3 parameter refers to the Carrier Notes field, so check that you have not entered any blank spaces in this field or fewer characters than the minimum number allowed by the courier.


#/accounts/0: required key [number] not found, #/accounts/1: required key [number] not found

This error appears when EXW is selected as incoterm but the account number is not specified. Make sure you always enter it.



Requested product not available for pickup date

In case the next day is a Bank Holiday, you might receive this error, as the system picks up the next day for pick-up by default. Make sure to change the value "Select the default amount of additional weekdays required to prepare the shipments" to 2 or more days from Carriers > Connection > myDHL > Edit for all your myDHL connections (not only the one you are using for the specific shipment)


7008: The requested Special Service Code: #/valueAddedServices/0/serviceCode ‘WY’ is not available between this origin and destination. Please validate the products and services combination (via the /rates or /products service) or contact our customer service.

This error appears when:

  1. You activated the Paperless option for a non-taxable shipment (such as a domestic or intra-EU shipment). Remove it from the Carrier>Edit page:

  2. The Paperless option is not available for that extra EU destination. In this case you should:

    1. remove the Paperless option

    2. remove ETD that you eventually uploaded in the Invoice Manager section

    3. flag the Generate Invoice with DHL format in the connection from the Carrier page only if you want to print the invoice, otherwise you can send it directly to DHL.

7008: The requested Special Service Code #/valueAddedServices/0/serviceCode ‘SA' is not available between this origin and destination. Please validate the products and services combination (via the /rates or /products service) or contact our customer service.

This error indicates that the Carrier Option 'Delivery Signature' is not supported for that specific destination. Please check directly with DHL for which destinations this additional service can be used.

** NB: This service may or may not be active for individual locations within the same country.

** Please note that "Delivery Signature" (service code: SA) is a different service from "Direct Signature" (service code: SF).


7008: The requested Special Service Code #/valueAddedServices/0/serviceCode ‘FD' is not available between this origin and destination. Please validate the products and services combination (via the /rates or /products service) or contact our customer service.

The GoGreen service is not supported by your DHL contract. Disable it from the section Carriers > Edit > Additional Services and ship the order again.

Please also check with DHL which service exactly you have activated by contract among:

Go Green Plus Basic = code FD (can be activated from the carrier connection)
Go Green Plus Customized = FT-code (can be activated from the carrier connection)
Go Green = code FE (can be activated from the Carrier Options)



7120: Required either #/outputImageProperties/imageOptions where typeCode=invoice or provide #/documentImages

The error message indicates that you need to activate the flag "Print Commercial Invoice" in the carrier modal (from Carriers > Connections > Edit) OR to upload the ETD file.

100002: Null Validator: SHIPMENT_ID not found in request map., 100002: Null Validator: SHIPMENT_ID_CHECK_DIGIT not found in request map.

This error message refers to an internal DHL problem that does not allow AWB and JJD number assignment. Usually this is a temporary failure.

If the malfunction persists, please contact your DHL representative.


#/customerReferences/0: required key [value] not found, #/outputImageProperties/customerBarcodes/0: required key [content] not found

In this case, please make sure to have correctly added the order ID as it's considered as mandatory info for the Carrier.


1001: The requested product(s) (P) not available based on your search criteria.(409224511)

The indicated destination city is invalid: eg. "cityName": "NA". You can check the postcodes and locations accepted by myDHL system at this link:


1001: The requested product(s) (W) not available based on your search criteria

The indicated service is not eligible to be used for the shipment in question. Please choose another service and try again to ship the order.


410138: Requested product(s) not available at payer, H/-

The Product Code (meaning the DHL service) is wrong. Please check it with your DHL representative and select the correct one.


Invalid Credentials

In this case, always check if you input the correct credentials, and pay extra attention if you added an extra space in the API Key or API Secret. You can check the settings from Carriers > Connection and, once the Carrier is selected, click on Edit.


Value is shorter than minimum length

Either sender's VAT number or recipient's IOSS number is missing from your profile

8009: Shipper Billing Country must either be same as Billing Country of Shipment Origin or the Shipper Account must be an Impex Account

In case you are making return shipments with MyDHL, the problem could be related to the fact that you haven’t set a return account number from your MyDHL connection.

For more info on how to correctly configure your account for the return shipments, please check out the section 🔁 Enable Return Label in the box


Unedfined Error. Status code: 400

This happens mostly when your API credentials have not been activated on DHL's side: if you encounter this error, please double check in your account on DHL's developer portal if your API credentials have been activated for production, or request assistance to your DHL representative.


#/content: required key [description] not found.

Select in the profile preferences as the reference number our Shippypro number.

Also, check if there are no gaps in the call made (whether you ship through the platform or via API).


Unable to send this shipment with the selected rate. Please try again or use a different rate.

It is not possible to Fix the order. You should either push the order back on To Ship, create a manual shipment, or repeat the Ship call.

In case you're shipping via API and you selected ALL SERVICES in the connection module, it's necessary to obtain both the CarrierService and RateID via GetRates call, and then include those two fields in your Ship API request.


In case you selected a specific service in the connection module, you don't need to include RateID in the Ship request.

7121: #/content/exportDeclaration is mandatory when provided product is dutiable, please update and try again.

Select Paperless Trade in the carrier configuration under Carriers > Connection. Also remember to include all the information relating to the CN22 so that the parcel is processed correctly at customs controls.

My live rates for DHL are not displayed at the checkout screen in Shopify! Why?

Don’t worry, the solution to this might be very easy! Please make sure that your return address is not longer than 45 characters, if necessary you can split it between the two dedicated address fields. If the issue persists you can contact our Support Team for further assistance.


420505: The destination location is invalid.

The indicated destination might not be served by DHL, you can check the postcodes and locations accepted by myDHL at this link:

💡Make sure to use only Latin characters when creating your shipments (for example, avoid Cyrillic, Japanese, or Chinese characters).


152 : Billing segment Billing Account Number Conditional Required Error

As a first thing, check that your Account Number has been attached during EXW choice.


Insert the Account Number that is going to pay for the shipment under IncotermEXW option:


In case you already did that but it still not working, it means that the Account Number hasn't been recognized, so verify if it has been included correctly.


152 : Shipment Details segment Contents Conditional Required Error

This error message indicates that the Content Description is not filled in, add the Content Description to the international shipment.


8007: Failed to retrieve Shipper Account details

Check that the Account Number entered in the Carriers section is correct and has no blank spaces.


Why is the field Contact empty on my MyDHL labels?

The "Contact" field (phone/email) is empty in compliance with DGPR to preserve privacy-sensitive data, but the field is present in data transmissions that are visible to our couriers.

The "Contact" field is only populated on those countries where adherence to the DGPR isn't required and sensitive data can be entered.