International shippings needs some measures to take care of, here we will talk about  CN22 and CN23

For some useful tips regarding these two documents, take a look at the next lines! 🔎

What are CN22 and CN23? 📄

CN 22 and CN 23 are required customs documents that must be attached to parcels intended to be shipped to Extra UE countries

They contain information about the goods you are shipping such as their value, who the shipper and receiver are and which parties are involved in the shipping.

What's the difference between the two?

Packages weighing up to two kilograms with a value of up to €425 require a CN22 customs declaration while the CN23 is used for packages weighing from 2 to 20 kilograms with a value of €425 or more.

Do I need to print these documents?

Yes, you need to print the CN22 and CN23 in order to attach them to the outside of the parcel to ship. 📦

How do I get them? 🔎

On ShippyPro the CN22 and CN23 are automatically generated accordingly to the information included.

You can reach this table from To Ship section by clicking on Ship on the right of the order and then proceeding with the first steps to arrive at Product Details.

In the weight section you should insert the weight of each item (unit), not the total weight of the parcel!

e.g. if you're shipping 10 items that weigh 0.5 kg each, you will insert it like this:

Weight: 0.5 / Qty: 10

Always write the description in English or in the language of the destination country.

If you're shipping via APIs, you can add the following tag inside the Params field in the Ship API request (one row for every item in the order), e.g.:

"CustomInfoContentsType" : "merchandise",
"CN22Info": [
"Description": "test",
"Weight": 2,
"Quantity": 5,
"UnitValue": 10,
"OriginCountry": "IT",
"Currency": "USD",
"HSCode": "123456" }


What's the HS Code?

The HS or commodity code is a code used by customs authorities around the world to categorise products.

The HS Code is not a mandatory field, but you can decide to add it before creating the label, you can specify if the products have different HS Codes, just take into consideration that the total weight must correspond to the one previously declared.

ShippyPro can automatically import the HS Code from Shopify with every annual plan subscription, so that you don't have to include it every time.

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💬 Then open a chat with us by clicking on the chat logo on the right bottom of the platform to ask for HS code automatic import from Shopify.

FAQs. 💭

1. Do I need to do this operation for every Carrier?

DHL and Fedex allow you to skip these steps by directly including the ETD Documentation before creating the shipment.

Here our complete guide to Manage ETD documents. 📝


2. Can I edit multiple CN22/CN23 simultaneously?

It's only possible to edit one CN22/CN23 at a time.

3. Can I add a fixed value to my CN22/CN23?

No, it's not possible to attach a standard CN22/23 value, you need to add the real one for Customs purposes.

4. Can I leave my total value as 0?

By inserting value 0 for an item the order will not go through. That's because an item always needs to have a value above 0, even if free of charge.

5. Why do I get error weight must be greater than 0 in Commodity 1? (FedEx)

If you are shipping parcels with more than one product, pay attention to the weight. When filling in the weight on the section "Parcels" you can add the total weight of the package. On the CN22 section, however, you will need to fill in the unit weight and price of each product inside the package.

6. Why do I get the error: Hard validation error occured. Die Gewichtsangabe ist kleiner als im CN23-Formular ?

In the weight section make sure to insert the weight of each item (unit), not the total weight of the parcel. E.g. if you're shipping 10 items that weigh 0.5 kg each, you will insert it like this:

Weight: 0.5 / Qty: 10

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