How the New Experience works

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The New Experience is the fastest, most efficient, and super advanced ShippyPro interface.

With the newest application you can reproduce the main actions from To Ship and Shipping Labels sections inside Label Creator, for example, ship and/or delete orders...but quicker!

As we're constantly improving and updating the new application, we invite you to stay tuned to be constantly updated on every new release and improvement. Don't forget you can switch back and forth with the older Label Creator interface at any moment and work on both at the same time.


Every action you'll make on the New Experience will automatically be shown on the previous Label Creator as well.


Let's see together how it works!



  1. What's new

  2. Before shipping your orders

  3. After shipping your orders


1. What's new


We enriched our newest interface with some advanced features that will help you ease your workflow and get the ultimate optimized shipping experience.

Here are some examples of the updates we introduced:

  • Right click to access order actions: speed up your processes as never before, accessing main shipments options just a click away.

  • 🗂️ Quick filters: we improved our filters to be more specific and accurate to help you find all the orders you're specifically looking for faster than ever.

  • Quick actions: select one or more orders to get all the actions you need to speed up and complete the shipping process.

  • ℹ️ Customized layout: you can now shape the platform in order to align it with your shipping process.


2. Before shipping your orders


With the new Ready to Ship tab, we improved the whole shipping experience by keeping all the standard actions like ship, edit, and delete taking them to a brand new level. Read below to discover what you can do before creating your labels:

💻 Import your orders

In the To Ship section, you can see all your orders automatically imported inside your account. All you have to do is to connect your Marketplace (if you haven't done so yet, discover here how) and all the order details from all your Marketplaces will be automatically shown in a single overview inside the Ready to Ship tab.

📝 Check order info in detail

Here's the thing: we introduced the newest Order Details page both on the Ready to Ship and Shipped tabs to keep an eye on the information available for your order (including the whole order history!). Click on the Order ID to display all order details:


From this page, you can even make some actions directly on the order, such as:

  • Print

  • Archive

  • Copy order link

  • Update the Marketplace

  • Send an email with shipping labels (in ZIP format)

  • Delete your orders


⚡️ Filter, add notes & create shipping documents

Just like in the previous interface, you can filter your orders by Marketplace to find them in a snap, as well as by date, price, archived, and deleted. But that's not it! You can find all the other filters simply clicking of the upper-right button Filters and choosing them from the drawer that will open.

Generate and manage all your shipping documents, such as picking list by items, order list (xls), packing slip, and invoices selecting them from the actions that will appear as soon as one or more orders are selected.

Add a note to your order by simply right-clicking on your order and selecting Add/edit notes. You'll see it appear on the order details as a new label.


📦 Ship your orders

You can proceed to ship one order by clicking on the Ship button that appears after selecting one the order or on the quick action directly on the prder row.

You can even Ship multiple orders at the same time by selecting them and clicking on Ship X Orders on the upper side of the page.

You’ll then display all the shipment information on the Review step of the ship modal. Once you verify all the order information you could pick the perfect Carrier for your shipment anche simply click on Create Label to proceed.



3. After shipping your orders


Once your orders are shipped, from the Shipped section you have some extra features you can take advantage of to streamline your whole shipping process to the max: print your labels, filter your orders, update your Marketplace and create shipping documents. Let's look into these options more in detail!


🔦 Filter your orders

Filter your orders by using the quick filters or clicking on the upper-right button Filters. This allows you to look for specific ones according to Date, Price, Store, Returns, To be printed, Not transmitted to the Carrier yet, Not updated on the Marketplace yet, Orders in Error.


🖨 Print orders in bulk

Select all of your shipments and use the quick action Print X orders to get all of your labels in a snap.


🔁 Update your Marketplace

Send your shipments' data to your store by simply clicking on the update button over the Marketplace icon.

📫 Send labels or tracking emails

Decide whether to manually share your labels or update your customers with tracking updates via email.

🗂 Archive or add/edit notes

Add/Edit notes or archive your orders by right-clicking on them and clicking on one of the two options.


Now you know everything you have to know to start shipping with Deliver.


We're continuosly working on enrich the features available thanks to the precious feedback we'll be glad to receive from users like you at


Stay tuned to see what is coming next, you still haven't seen the best!

Get in touch in case of any info required, we'd be happy to hear from you!