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How to manage International Shipments

Here's how ShippyPro can help you create International Documents

ShippyPro offers specific functions for the International Shipments.

Through ShippyPro indeed, you can create customs documents, specify Incoterms and attach Paperless Documentation to let you manage all the required steps for your International Shipments in one place!

Let's take a look. 

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  1. Configuration process
  2. Specify incoterms
  3. IOSS number
  4. Paperless – Electronic Documentation
  5. Troubleshooting & Errors

1. Configuration process

If you're dealing with an international shipment, you'll have to complete some additional information for customs.

When you generate an international shipment that requires Custom Document, this document is automatically created by ShippyPro.

Here's the step that you need to compile when creating a single shipment. Read this article to find out more about how to ship orders from Marketplaces

Firstly, choose the product category. Decide what to do if the carrier cannot reach the customer.

The Item Description is already filled in. Please note that the HS Code is not a mandatory field. However, some carriers may require it for international shipments.

Learn everything you have to know about the CN22 and CN23 customs declaration.

In the next step it will be asked to include both Goods Description and Items Values, these fields are mandatory.

2. Specify incoterms

For some shipments it can be useful to specify Incoterms.

Incoterms are the international terms for import and export. Those terms define the skills and the responsibilities of each subject involved into international transactions. 

The Incoterms field is never requested as mandatory, it will be as default DAP (former DDU) if not edited.


3. IOSS number

You can set the IOSS number directly from My Profile > Sender Info:

This way it will be automatically applied to all your shipments.


4. Paperless – Electronic Documentation

Through ShippyPro, it is possible to attach the Electronic Custom Document for your Carriers.

In case of international shipment, the ETD needs to be attached to your order before shipping it.


5. Troubleshooting & Errors

Can I speed up this process?

Some Carriers, like FedEx, TNT Italy and DHL allow you to print the Custom Documentation automatically.

Access your Carrier's menu from Carriers > Edit and then check the following options:

  • FedEx > Print commercial invoices for international shipments

  • TNT Italy > Documentazione aggiuntiva

  • DHL > Generate Invoice with DHL format

  • UPS > Request UPS Commercial Invoice along with the label

This way your documentation will be created and printed together with your shipment in a snap!