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  1. FAQ

    1. How many shipments are left?

    2. What is actually counted as a proper shipment?

    3. If I subscribe to an annual Plan but I've exceeded the number of orders per month. What should I do?

    4. Why subscribe to one of ShippyPro's Annual Plans?

    5. What if I still have some shipments left at the end of my Plan?



1. What is the perfect Plan for me

The perfect Plan... exists!

You can activate it from Admin > Plans 

or contact our Sales department


💲Take a look at our Pricing Page to check the prices and features included in our plans.


Professional 💼

The Professional Plan is recommended for established companies that sell in several marketplaces and need to automate every phase of the order management process.


Enterprise ⚡️

Enterprise Plan is for large companies that need customized features and advanced support. The price for Enterprise Plan varies on the number of orders you ship monthly and the customizations you ask for.


Reach us at and talk to our Sales Team in case of doubts and more info on this Plan type.



Upgrade your Plan 💡

By clicking on Choose this Plan from Profile > Plans, you'll enter the setup page. Select here whether you'd like to subscribe to a biennial, annual, or monthly Plan, as well as the average number of orders you ship. ✏️


From the section on the right, you are also able to calculate the number of your shipments per year according to the monthly amount included:


E.g. Number of monthly shipments 4'000 = 48'000 annually


In order to do it, just drag the slider to the amount needed, it can't be easier than that!


On the left, you can see your Billing Information, after fulfilling it click on Next.


In the last step, you'll have a recap of all the information regarding your Plan subscription, as well as the selection of the payment method you'd like to employ.


2. How to pay for my plan

You can pay your monthly, annual, or biennial plans by Credit Card. 💳

Where can I find my payments and invoices?

From the Profile > Payments section, you'll have access to a recap of all your payments and past Plans. 


You'll also find here your Invoices under the Documentation column. 📁

Payments via Shopify

If you pay via Shopify you can find all the invoices in your Shopify account.


If you accidentally made a Plan purchase on Shopify by mistake, what you can do is to contact Shopify Customer Assistance.


If you're having some issues paying through Shopify and the option doesn't appear as payment method, verify:

  • that your Plan has expired or

  • that you effectively ran out of shipments.


In fact, Shopify payment method won't be available unless these two conditions are respected.


What you can do if your plan is still on-going is to upgrade your current plan by entering the average number of orders to add to the rest of the month or the year, accordingly to the lenght of your plan, from Admin > Plans.


📌You'll only be charged of the new orders purchased, so make sure to include the current amount included in your plan + the new ones.


3. How to renew my plan

Your ShippyPro subscription renews automatically:

  • when using a credit card as your chosen payment method so you won’t have to worry about manually inserting your details each time

  • based on the preference that you set on your plans page, defaulting to the current volume of shipments

  • whenever the plan expires by date or when you run out of shipments, maintaining the same duration and the volume of shipments chosen.


E.g.: you purchased a Professional plan with 2000 shipments on December 1st, and on December 25th you run out of shipments. On that same day, your plan will be automatically renewed for another month and will reset the available shipments to 2000. The new plan will then expire on January 25th.


📌 The same rule applies to annual and biannual plans. In this case ShippyPro will notify you when your Plan is going to be renewed, either in case you're running out of shipments or if there are just a few days left.


📌 In case you see an error on the VAT code, please make sure that there are no white spaces at the beginning/ end of it and that either the PEC and/or the Recipient code are correct and without spaces - Please remember that, in order to proceed to the purchase, a valid VAT code and at lease one between the Recipient code and the PEC are compulsory.


How can I change my preferences? 🔧

Everything you got to do is enter Admin > Plans.

There you'll find all the information concerning your Plan on the top right of the page.


4. How to cancel my plan

The cancellation of your Plan is manageable at every moment, as the automatic renewal is only fulfilled when the Plan is expired.


From Admin > Plans section click on Cancel your Subscription: this button will redirect you to a page that summarizes all your account data, then it will be asked if you'd like to leave feedback on your cancellation.


Your plan will automatically be disabled when it expires.


5. How to upgrade my plan

You can upgrade your Plan at any moment from Admin > Plans and click on "Upgrade to Professional" or "Manage your plan".


  • the billing option Monthly, Annually or Biennially.
  • the shipments per month


📌 With annual or biennial plans the full amount of labels will be available once you pay i.e. Annual 500 plan = 6000 labels to use as you wish for 12 months or until the expiry of your current plan ecc.

📌If you are upgrading mid-plan, your plan end date will remain the same, unless you have run out of labels or your plan is expired.


Once you are ready click on "Review and Pay" to review the costs and authorize the payment.


  • You'll only pay the difference between the two plans.

  • The payment will go through using the credit card already pre-saved on your account.

  • You can also redeem any coupons you might have.

  • And, of course, you won't lose the orders you already paid for. However, you can always increase your label range to add more labels to your plan.

  • If you wish to start using Professional on a new plan, you will need to wait for your current plan to expire or for your labels to run out and ensure your auto-renewal is deactivated ahead of time, if not you will simply be upgrading the current plan and not creating a new one.


📌 In case of an upgrade of a plan the preferred number of shipments will be automatically adjusted based on your plan. You can always change them on your Plans page.


6. FAQ

How many shipments are left?

You can easily discover how many shipments are left in your subscription on the top right corner of Profile > Plan page:


As well as from To Ship page through the counter on the upper right of the page:


So that you'll always keep track of everything in one single page!


What is actually counted as a proper shipment?

In short, only Shipments generated by clicking on Create Shipment are counted, and therefore only the ones correctly generated. Those who faced Error won't be included.

If I subscribe to an annual Plan but I've exceeded the number of orders per month. What should I do?

If I signed up for, for example, an annual plan with 2000 shipments per month, and I shipped 3000 orders in a single month, what happens?

If you subscribed to an annual Plan, you only have to make reference to the annual total amount of orders.

You'll easily see how many orders are left in your subscription on the top right corner of Admin > Plans.


If you run out of orders before your annual Plan expires, the system will automatically renew the plan for you for another year with the same volumes of shipments!

Why subscribe to one of ShippyPro's Annual Plans?

You can find below a list of the exclusive features dedicated to our Annual Plans:

Remove ShippyPro logo 🔧

If you'd like to cancel our logo from your documents (for example Invoices and Order Summaries), as well as from your email notifications, with an Annual plan you'd just have to contact us either via chat or form request from your > Support Panel by clicking on the black HELP button in the lower right corner of your account.

Avoid to print 4 copies for FedEx labels 📄

Avoid loading ETD Shipping Documents before Europe to Europe Shipments, all you have to do is to contact us in Chat 💬 once Upgraded your Plan.

Odoo connection 🛒

In order to proceed with the connection to your Odoo account you'd need an Annual Plan subscription as it will require the support of our IT team.


For additional info on the connection don't hesitate to take a look at our guide:

Import HS Codes automatically from Shopify 📥

ShippyPro can automatically import the HS Code from Shopify with every Annual Professional Plan subscription, so that you don't have to include it every time.

Open a chat with us by clicking on the chat logo on the right bottom of the platform to ask for HS code automatic import from Shopify.

Create Order Summary / Invoices / Picking Lists with Barcode 🖨

By including a barcode to your Order Summaries, Invoices and/or Picking Lists and you'll be able to fasten your logistic process even more!


If you decide that this feature suits your needs, upgrade to an Annual Professional Plan.

Import Origin Country from Shopify 🗺

In order to fasten your International Shipments process, automatically import Origin Country from Shopify could come in handy.


Discover here all the steps required to ship abroad.


What if I still have some shipments left at the end of my Plan?

Unfortunately, you won't be able to carry over to the next Plan the shipments left at the end of your current one, however when the Plan is automatically renewed for the same length and the same volume of shipments whenever it runs out.


Eg. if you purchased 2000 shipments per month and your Plan expires on 20/06, but you have 130 shipments left the plan renews monthly resetting the count of shipments available to 2000.

We advise you to purchase an Annual plan to avoid this, and be able to use your shipments throughout the year without limits!