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I subscribed to a Fast Growing annual plan but I'd like to upgrade it to Professional.
I subscribed to a Fast Growing annual plan but I'd like to upgrade it to Professional.

Here's how you can upgrade your plan directly from ShippyPro

Updated over a week ago

Upgrading to a Professional plan, has never been easier. Simply follow the steps below and remember you can always reach out to our Support Team for help ! 😊

⭐ If you want to know all the benefits of the Professional Plan 🚀, check out this article!

Step 1.

Go to Admin>Plans, and click on "Upgrade to Professional".

Step 2.

Select one of the plan durations, Monthly, Annually or Biennially.

Using the slider, select the amount of labels you would like for your new plan.

*Remember 🚨 with annual or biennial plans the full amount of labels will be available once you pay i.e. Annual 500 plan = 6000 labels to use as you wish for 12 months or until the expiry of your current plan ecc*

🚨 Please note, if you are upgrading mid-plan, your plan end date will remain the same, unless you have run out of labels or your plan is expired. This applies not only to upgrades from Fast Growing to Professional, but also if you are trying to buy the same type of plan with a different shipments range (if the plan or labels have not expired this will indeed correspond to an update of the current plan and not to the creation of a new plan).

Once you are ready click on "Next: Review and Pay", dont worry you will need to approve the payment on the next page.

Step 3.

Review your payment and when you're ready click on "Pay with Credit Card"

  • You'll only pay the difference between the two plans.

  • The payment will go through using the card already pre-saved on your account.

  • You can also redeem any coupons you might have.

  • And, of course, you won't lose the orders you already paid for. However, you can always increase your label range to add more labels to your plan.

  • If you wish to start using Professional on a new plan, you will need to wait for your current plan to expire or for your labels to run out and ensure your auto-renewal is deactivated ahead of time, if not you will simply be upgrading the current plan and not creating a new one.

 Done! 🎉

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