We recently updated our Plans to reshape your shipping experience. ✨

Why these changes?

We've spoken to many of our customers and looked at their usage of ShippyPro platform to understand which features they really need at each stage of fulfillment.

Our Plans are now better aligned with the value we’re providing at each stage, adding even more flexibility and scalability. 📈

Starting from the basics - as soon as you complete the registration, you will automatically gain access to our Fast Growing plan with all its functionalities and obtain 30 shipments completely for free, which you can use within 30 days.

Secondly, we understood that our Fast Growing Plan needed to be a leaner and faster tool. Some features will become available on our Professional Plan to better reflect how your necessities grow alongside your business. 🚀

Here you can compare the different features in every Plan.


If you are wondering which are features available on our Professional Plan, here below the most important:

🚚 Connect Unlimited Carriers

With the Professional Plan, you will be able to connect unlimited Carriers, on the Fast Growing instead, you can add up to 3 Carriers (If you have more than one connection of the same Carrier, it will count as one).

🎯Routing Optimizer®

By using ShippyPro Routing Optimizer® you'll be able to detect and merge orders addressed to the same recipient. This function will reduce your shipping budget day by day and your estimated savings will be shown just before the merge.

Besides, by taking advantage of ShippyPro Routing Optimizer,® you will be able to drop down:

  • Your environmental impact

  • Your shipping effort

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📑 Return Label in the box

With the Professional Plan, you can offer the best return experience to your customers by automatically generating a prepaid return label alongside the outbound one.

Easy Return

Using Easy Return® you will be able to

  • Create your own return portal directly form on your website

  • Set your own Return Rules

  • Set time limit, countries, amount to approve or not for each return request

In conclusion, the Professional Plan features mentioned above are just a few of the ones provided! 🎈

The list is actually quite long and it also includes:

Multiple sender addresses

Branded Tracking Page

Embeddable widgets

Advanced marketing tools

and many others...

In case you have any doubts or questions concerning our Plans, feel free to reach out to our Sales Team at [email protected]! ✉️

Are you facing some issues updating your Plan? 🔧

If you're trying to downgrade from your Professional Plan to a Fast Growing Plan, please consider that you may be required to manually remove some Professional features setup from your account.

Take a look at the Professional feature stills enabled while you're trying to downgrade your Plan and remove them to proceed.

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