Have you correctly connected GLS Spain but you're facing some issue during label creation? 🔍

Here's how you can fix them case by case:

📌Customer ID is not valid

If you're trying to generate labels but this error occurs, verify to have included your UID number at the moment of the connection of GLS Spain to ShippyPro.

The UID code is a 32 digit alphanumeric code which includes both letters and numbers that needs to be asked to your Sales Contact in GLS Spain or to [email protected].

Once received, add it from Carriers > Connection > Click on GLS Spain Logo.

📌Error, EuroEstandar/EBP service: weight should be <= n°

This error means that maximum weight has been exceeded, the amount extra will be indicated before the Error.

To correct it click on the blue pencil icon on the right of the order.

📌 Error Generating Labels

If you get this error while generating your labels, generally there are two main reasons:

  • Carrier's Server is down: In this case, wait for it to come back online by trying again some hours later.
  • Credentials included are incorrect: If you get this error during your first attempt of generating labels with that specific carrier, verify that the credentials added during the connection are correct.

Done! 🎈

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