You may like to cancel your imported Orders or Shipments for any reason. No problem, this is possible with ShippyPro! 🙌

In order to do so, there are some points to keep in mind before proceeding.

Let's see which ones! 🔎

📥 Which Marketplaces don't allow orders reimportation?

Some Sales Channels won’t be importing again your orders once cancelled, some examples are:

  • Shopify 

  • Amazon

At the same time, other Marketplaces have this possibility instead:

  • Ebay

  • Prestashop

  • Woocommerce (through order Status update)


✏️ What happens if I cancel an order on ShippyPro?

The answer is: it depends.

Keep reading to know what happens in your specific case!

  • If you cancel an order from To Ship section that hasn't been updated on your Marketplace as Completed, the order will come back in To Ship section and you'll be able to ship it again.

  • If you cancel an order directly from the Marketplace, the order will also be cancelled from ShippyPro (if you can still see it in To Ship section we suggest you to Archive it.)

💡Note: Ebay's cancelled orders won't be automatically updated and so deleted on ShippyPro, so you'll need to proceed manually.

Orders already imported (so with the same ID) can't be imported again on ShippyPro.

  • If you generated a label and it does present the green tick over the Marketplace, like so: 

and you try to move it back to To Ship section through the blue arrow icon on its right, it will be cancelled and moved to Cancelled Orders since orders already shipped can't be present in To Ship section.

In these cases, you can proceed by creating a Manual Shipment.

  • If you Cancel or move back to To Ship an order from Shipping Labels section which doesn't present the green tick, the Marketplace won't be updated in any way, so you'll need to cancel it also from there.

📌At the moment is not possible to know the origin of the cancellation of the order.

Done! 🎉

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