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Add your Drop Off Point Map to your custom website
Add your Drop Off Point Map to your custom website

What Advanced Settings boast

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You can include our Drop Off point Map by inserting a few strings of code inside your custom website.✨

If your Marketplace is Shopify, follow this guide:

First of all, go to Live Checkout > Advanced Settings.

Enable Domain

You'll find a section called Enable Domain: insert your Domain and CMS information and select the Marketplace associated to ShippyPro to be able to include Map Point details on your labels.


💡Note: this option is also available for Live Checkout Module users.

Advanced installation for custom websites and application

  • What you have to do is to copy the first line of the script, in fact as you can see the others are optional and they would allow you to see the info of the Drop Off Point, if you'd like to.

  • Note that the custom website has to be live to display Drop-off Points.

  • Once copied it, just put the script inside the body tag of your website according to where you want to show the map.

  • Right underneath the Script you can find some Attributes to be included in order to personalize the Drop Off Point Map.

  • For example, if you'd like to add a Callback when a customer picks a drop-off, you need to write inside the Script (adding it as a string):

<script maps src=“” key=“481d4e831e00000000007dc94090d4cb” zip=“50122” callback=“callbackFunction></script>

  • You can use the API GetDropOffPoints and GetRates calls or develop the Live checkout integration from >Maps Setup e Advanced setup

What comes next? How can I set up my map? 

Once the set up will be concluded, ShippyPro gives you the opportunity to use Maps Setup section to customize even more the Map with Carriers choice, colors, dimensions and much more.

Discover all the functionalities of this section with our go through guide.

Done! 🎉

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