Set up Shopify Ship & Collect Module

Need some help with Shopify Module set up? Here's the process step by step.

Shopify Module is a useful tool that will allow you to show carriers' rates and/or Drop Off Points at the Checkout after payment so that your customers will be able to choose the most suitable service for their shipment. Ship & Collect will display the Carriers connected on ShippyPro: based on the name and the service connected there will be displayed Carriers prices accordingly.



  1. Connect Shopify to Shippypro

  2. Connect your Carriers to ShippyPro

  3. Personalize your map


1. Connect Shopify to ShippyPro


  • First, go to Marketplace and click on the Shopify logo.

  • Then click on Link my Shopify account to start the connection.

  • You'll be then redirected to the Shopify App Store. Here you should click on Add App to download and install ShippyPro in your profile.

  • At this point Log in to your Shopify store with your store's URL.

  • You'll be redirected again to your ShippyPro profile to complete the connection, this will take just a few seconds.

  • Enable Include drop off points at checkout and contact for the activation:


To show live rates and/or Drop Off Points at Check-Out, your Shopify store needs to be on the Advanced Shopify or Plus plan. If you're on the Basic Shopify plan or lower, then you can add this feature for a monthly fee or switch from monthly to yearly billing. For more information, you can consult the following link or contact Shopify Support. Shopify map will be displayed by the customer only after the payment.




2. Connect your Carriers to ShippyPro


You need to connect your Carrier Accounts in order to show them at the Checkout. 

  • You can do that by clicking on Carriers and selecting the Carrier to connect.

  • More info about how to connect Carriers in our dedicated Help Section.

  • Remember that to see rates they have to be added from Carriers > Edit Prices.

  • Visit the relative article to find out more about tariffs.

  • In case you don’t see the carrier rates at Shopify checkout, make sure that you correctly configured your carrier’s connection module, followed the connection procedure, and inserted the correct credentials (check for any extra spaces and delete them in case they’re present).

3. Personalize your map


From Ship & Collect > Maps Setup it's possible to add multiple settings in order to set up your maps according to your needs, such as the color of the buttons, dimensions, and the maximum distance shown from the address included.

But there's much more to discover, take a look yourself, and don't forget to check our dedicated guide: How to set up Drop Off Point Map

📌 Remember:

The map will be displayed after the payment, however during Shopify checkout the user will be guided to correctly select the pick-up point:

  • before the payment, when choosing the shipping service, a note in the rates will specify that the exact Pickup Point can be chosen after the payment, on the next page, example:



If the carrier rate isn't visible at Shopify checkout, verify also if the triangulation option is active in the Carriers > Edit prices section on ShippyPro and if not, activate it:

  • On the "Thank You" Page, after the payment, there will be an alert to draw the user's attention not to skip the step of selecting the specific Pick-up Point:


Custom settings for PUDO on Shopify

If you want to show carrier’s PUDOs at the checkout, but still keep your custom settings on Shopify (e.g. you want to include a flat rate shipping for specific order values, for instance 0€ shipping for all orders over 50€), you should add a Custom rate that includes "Drop off points" in the courier name and with the desired rate.

The name of the carrier doesn't have to match exactly the name displayed on ShippyPro, as long as the Rate Name field contains the phrase 'Drop off points'.