Each ShippyPro pricing plan offers a variety of features. You can take a look at this guide to help you decide what plan works for you.

Let's see which features are included in Professional Plan to help you understand the main differences from Fast Growing Plan. 🎉

What companies is Professional Plan designed for? 💼

Professional Plan is recommended for established companies that sell in several marketplaces and need to automate every phase of order management process.

What are the main features included? 🔍

Professional Plan enriches our main features with:

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Easy Return ✨

Easy Return is the perfect solution for your ecommerce Reverse Logistics Challenge. If you're dealing with lots of return each day, you'll think about automating you return process sooner or later. By offering an excellent return experience, you'll turn customers Returns into New Sales!

Easy Return allows you to set up your own Return Portal with your own Return Rules.
You can embed your Return Portal in your website or send it to your customer by email. 

You can then decide to confirm each return request manually or automatically. Customers will be instantly informed about the confirmation with useful Return Instruction.

Discover all the main features of Easy Return here:


Intelligent Advertising for your Tracking Page ✨

With ShippyPro, you can easily customize the Tracking Page that is automatically sent to your customers by email. So you’ll keep your customers engaged! 

With Fast Growing plan, you can customize the layout of your Tracking Page, but with Professional plan, instead, you'll be able to transform your Tracking Page into a powerful Sales Page.

Recommend your Best Selling Products with a discount to see your customers coming back and connect your MailChimp account to add a newsletter signup block into your Tracking Page.

With Professional plan, you'll also be able to view some analytics to optimize your Tracking Page and embed it on your website! 

Learn how to customize your Tracking Page in details here.

Automated Shipping Rules ✨

With Shipping Rules, you can set specific rules for specific marketplaces and carriers to ship your orders in a few clicks. This will allow you to ship your orders in bulk and faster than ever.

For example, you can decide that all your Amazon orders will be shipped only with TNT. By filtering all Amazon orders in To Ship page, you'll be able to ship them with just two clicks, sparing time and effort. 

Learn how Automated Shipping Rules works by clicking here.

Carrier Invoice Analysis

By upgrading your plan to Professional, ShippyPro allows you to control your Carriers Invoices at the end of the month and identify extra surcharges at a glance!

Uploading your Invoices, ShippyPro will identify wrong surcharges and let you add notes for the carrier. You can then download a new Excel with you notes on it to be sent to your carrier. 

Learn how Invoice Analysis really works here

Smart Sender Address switch ✨

If you have various suppliers, and therefore various sender addresses, you can speed up choosing the right one for different orders with Change Sender Address.

With Professional Plan, you can change your sender address of all orders by clicking on the right button!


Send All Orders simultaneously

With a Professional Annual Plan you'll be able to ship all your orders simultaneously, just click on Ship All Orders button, select the marketplace or the Excel File from which you'd like to ship the orders and then confirm.

You can also add insurance to the orders if you want!

Show tariffs at the Checkout ✨

ShippyPro Live Checkout is the perfect tool to increase your E-commerce conversions!

It allows you to show Live Carriers Rates and our Drop Off Points map offers your customers much more flexibility.

With every Fast Growing or Professional Plan you also have 500 map loads for free!

Start your Free Trial or upgrade your plan to Professional 🚀

Try all Professional functionalities for free! Enjoy your 30 days Free Trial with a maximum of 30 orders and then decide to upgrade your plan or go back to Basic. 

Or... Upgrade your plan to Professional now! If you choose an annual plan, you'll get 12% discount!

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