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Connect FedEx to ShippyPro
Connect FedEx to ShippyPro

Here's how to connect FedEx step by step

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FedEx is one of the largest multi-carrier networks in Europe focused on transportation, e-commerce and business services.

In this article, you will learn how to connect FedEx to ShippyPro and add additional options such as a return label in the box or Print commercial invoices to your existing connection. ✨


1. Before you start

To set up FedEx, you need to have a FedEx account. Click here to create one if you don't have it yet:

2. Connect FedEx to ShippyPro

  • Navigate to Carriers > Connection and click on FedEx Logo (simply type "FedEx" on the search bar to spot it in a sec).

  • You then need to agree to the FedEx EULA in order to proceed with the connection. Click then on Next.

  • Here you need to fill all the required fields. Enter your Account Number, your Account Information and some other options.

  • Select the FedEx region according to the country where the contract has been stipulated

  • if you select United States (US), Canada (CA) or Latin American and the Caribbean (LAC) also adds FedEx Meter number, FedEx Access Key, FedEx Access Key Password. So, Extra-EU customers need to manually fill the production credentials, obtainable directly from FedEx developer portal (not testing ones).
    Keep in mind that an EMEA connection is always necessary, even for shipments outside of Europe, if the shipments leave from Europe.

  • Select the FedEx Service that you regularly use and the Predefined Parcel

  • Select then your favorite label type and choose if and when to be notified from ShippyPro.

  • If you see the error "Carrier error: Internal Service Error", your address might be too long. You can divide it between Address 1 and Address 2 for the connection to be accepted.

📌 Please make sure not to have included special characters or accents in your data.

FedEx Region

Europe (EMEA)

United States (US)

Canada (CA)

Asian pacific (APAC)

Latin American and the Caribbean (LAC)

Middle East, Indian Subcontinent and Africa (MEISA)

FedEx Service

International Economy

International Priority

Priority Overnight

Standard Overnight

International First

International Europe First

International Priority Freight

International Economy Freight

FedEx Next Day by 10 a.m.

FedEx Next Day by 12 noon

Express Saver




Distance Deferred

Same Day

Ground Home Delivery

International Priority Distribution

International Connect Plus

Predefined Parcel

Your Packaging





Small Box

Medium Box

Large Box

Extra Large Box

Label Type

A6 - ZPL 4x6.75 With header
A6 - ZPL 4x6 Without header
A6 - PDF 4x6
A6 - EPL2 4x6.75 With header
A6 - EPL2 4x6 Without header

3. Additional options

📄 Print Commercial Invoices for international shipments

In order to successfully ship to Extra UE Countries you need to print the Commercial Invoice. To do that automatically with ShippyPro enable the dedicated option Print Commercial Invoices for International Shipments from Carriers > Connection > Edit

🔁 Print return labels

You can print your return labels with the shipping label by ticking Print Return Label

🧪 Test Mode

Enable the Test Mode if you'd like to make some test shipments. Please keep in mind that this option should be flagged only if you have test credentials, not production credentials!

Note that Fedex Test Mode is available only for account registration, obtaining shipping rates and creating test shipments. You cannot book the pickups in the test mode!

📨 FedEx ShipAlert® (Email Notification)

With this option you can decide to have the carrier send an email to the recipient when the shipment is in the selected status (on tender, on transit, on exception, on delivery).

🚚 FedEx Delivery Manager (FDMi)

Did you know that with FedEx Delivery Manager you can offer your customers the ability to customize their Shipping Delivery Date and Location without any extra Fee?

To allow this option you only need to enable notification from Carriers > Connection > Edit.

Then your customers will be able to set their own preferences for the delivery!

⚠️ Dangerous Goods

Take a look at the example below in order to correctly mention Dangerous Goods inside your Shipping API call:


"CarrierOptions": [{"name": "fedexdangerousgoods", "value": "1"}]

4. Useful to know

  • If a shipment for the International Priority service returns the error "FedEx International Priority is deprecated and no longer available. Please select another service", it can be corrected by selecting the "FedEx International Priority" service from the connection settings instead of "International Priority".

  • In case you select a Predefined Parcel from the connection menu you won't need to choose it while creating the shipment. On the other hand, if you want to change the package type only for specific orders, you can overwrite it when creating the shipment:

    If you're shipping via APIs, you need to first retrieve the specific package type via GetCarrierPackagesType call and include it in the Ship request by adding the field "package" and then the code of the parcel obtained via the GetCarrier package call. Example:

  • If you'd like to print Return Labels together with Shipment Label, remember to enable Print Return Label option.

  • FedEx Ground Home Delivery for the US market is divided into 2 sub-services: Ground (for commercial deliveries) and Home (for residential deliveries). This is detected automatically and the system automatically chooses Ground or Home delivery.

  • Kindly note that not all Countries are supported by FedEx live rating, therefore you won't be able to display Carriers' rates for them.

The countries for which live rates are not supported are:


Bosnia and Herzegovina











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