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How Upload Paperless Documentation API works
How Upload Paperless Documentation API works

Learn how to upload your international customs documents for 170+ Carriers with the same API call.

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💡 With this Method you can:

  • Upload customs documents for international shipments, saving both paper and time!

  • Automatically transmit customs documents as soon as your international shipping labels are created.


Before you start

Electronic Trade Documents (ETD) or Paperless customs is an automated international shipping solution that allows you to submit your customs documentation electronically so you no longer need to print and attach multiple copies to your shipments. Not all the Carriers support Paperless, so please check here if your Carrier supports it.

How it works

This Method allows you to upload customs documents for international shipments. As soon as you create your shipping labels, customs documents will be transmitted to your Carriers automatically.

List of document types:

  • You will need to create the ETD through the UploadPaperlessDocumentation call before making the Ship call (or before sending the order from ShippyPro), or the ETD won't be linked to the To Ship call: TransactionID, Name, Country fields must match (case sensitive).

  • If you make an UploadPaperlessDocumentation API call with a TransactionID already present in ShippyPro, it will be automatically attached to your order if shipped within the next 24 hours.

  • UploadPaperlessDocumentation API can be used only once. Edit method API call cannot be employed with this specific call. This means that if you need to apply some changes on a Paperless document already generated, you should make a new UploadPaperlessDocumentation API call, as well as a new To Ship call related to this new one.

  • On the other hand, if you upload an X number of Paperless documents without any order inside the To Ship section and then you create your shipments, all the ETDs from the last 24h will be attached.

  • In case you upload two ETDs with the same TransactionID and then you create the shipment, only the most recent file will be attached.

Upload Paperless Documentation API reference

Visit our API Documentation to view an example of UploadPaperlessDocumentation API request and response.

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