Upgrading and renewing you plan takes only a few minutes!

Let's see how you can choose and manage the subscription that best suits your needs! 🔍

1. How do I choose the perfect plan for me?

The perfect plan... exists! You can now choose between two main plans that offer specific features or ask for a custom plan!

Take a look at them clicking on Admin > Plans.

Fast Growing 🚀

Fast Growing is the perfect plan for companies that are growing fast and are looking for a software that simplifies their shipping process. 

With this plan, you'll get access to our main features to automate the shipping and tracking of your orders.

Professional 💼

Professional plan is recommended for established companies that sell in several marketplaces and need to automate every phase of order management process.

It enriches our main features with Easy Return, our Return management software, Intelligent Advertising for your Tracking Page and the possibility to set Automated Carrier Rules.

Enterprise ⚡️

Enterprise plan is for large companies that need customized features and advance support. 

Book a call and talk to our Customer Care Team to know more about this plan.

2. I found my plan, and now?

After you've found your perfect plan, you can either subscribe to it or start your Free Trial by clicking on Choose this Plan.

Start your Free Trial 💡

From the window that pops up, you can decide to upgrade your plan immediately or test Fast Growing and Professional plans for free

Click on No thanks, i just want to activate the free trial to start the free trial. 

You will be able to test Fast Growing and Professional functionalities for 30 days with a maximum of 30 orders. At the end of your free trial, you will be asked to upgrade your plan to keep shipping your orders or you'll downgrade your plan to Basic.

Upgrade your plan 💡

From the new window, click on Purchase Professional now. Enter then the average number of orders you ship monthly. To do it, just drag the slider.

Choose then if you'd like a monthly subscription or an annual subscription. ✏️

💡Note: If you subscribe annually to every plan, you'll get a 12% Discount!

Here you have a brief recap of your subscription. 

On the left, you see the total amount you should pay monthly. On the right, instead, you can see how much you're going to save thanks to an annual subscription.

You'll then have a recap of the number of orders available monthly or annually.


3. How can I pay my subscription?

You can pay both your monthly and annual plan with Credit Card or with PayPal


4. Can I keep records of my payments?

Yes of course! From the section Admin > Payments, you'll see a recap of all your payments and past plans. 

You'll find your Invoices under the column Documentation.

5. How many orders left?

You'll easily see how many orders are left in your subscription on the top right corner of Admin > Plans. So you'll have everything under control!

📌Are you proceeding with the payments through Shopify?

Remember to login to your Shopify with your Admin Account when you'd like to pay through Shopify.

Done! 🎉



1. What if I run out of orders?

2. If I subscribe to an annual plan but I exceed the number of orders per month. What should I do?

3. I subscribed to a Fast Growing annual plan but I'd like to upgrade it to Professional.

4. I subscribed to a Professional annual plan but I'd like to go back to Fast Growing.

5. I've seen that there's no pricing for Enterprise plan. How much does it cost?

The price for Enterprise Plan varies upon the number of orders you ship monthly and the customizations you ask for. 

You can contact us to to explain your needs and get a first feedback by clicking on Talk to us from Admin > Plans.

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