ShippyPro allows you to upload invoices and other paperless shipping documents for international shipments. 

So you'll have a smooth custom clearance process and you'll avoid annoying custom delays!

Which Carriers support Paperless and how to manage it ⚙️

It's possible to upload custom documents for UPS, FedEx and DHL Express.

📍Note: Please note that you need to upload your ETD Shipping Document before shipping your orders from Label Creator > To Ship (or before creating a Manual Shipment). 

  • If the order has correctly been imported into Label Creator >To Ship, please select it from the drop down menu or enter the name of the customer in the search bar.
  • If you're trying to upload a shipping document for a Manual Shipment, enter Customer Name and the Country of Destination. (Remember to upload your ETD Document before shipping your manual shipment). ShippyPro will then match customer name and country of destination when you create your manual shipment. 
  • Select the type of document: Invoice, Air Waybill, Proforma, Certificate of Origin, Commercial Invoice, Customs Declaration. 
  • Click on Upload to upload the ETD Document. 

You can now ship your order if it's in To Ship page or create a Manual Shipment

📌 Tip: In order to spare some time during this process, we suggest you to upload all the shipping documents at once. So you can then ship all the orders in bulk from To Ship section! Learn how to ship multiple orders here.

Note: Please note that you can't upload more than one shipping document for one order.

📌 Tip #2: With Fedex you can automatically generate ETD documents for International Shipments. To do that you only need to enable the dedicated option Print Commercial Invoices for International Shipments from Carriers > Connection > Edit.

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