Connecting Shopify to your account requires only a few steps:
Let's see how! 🔍

  • First of all, click on Marketplaces from your ShippyPro profile and click on the Shopify logo. 
  • Click on Link my Shopify account to start the connection. 


  • You'll be then redirected to the Shopify App Store. Here you should click on Add App to download and install ShippyPro in your profile. 

  • Log in to your Shopify store:
  • You'll be redirected again to your ShippyPro profile to complete the connection in a few seconds.

By clicking on To Ship, all your pending orders (unfulfilled) will be imported in 10 minutes and you will be ready to start with ShippyPro!

Note: To show live rates at Check-Out , Shopify requires Advanced Plan subscription that you can check here Shopify Pricing.

ShippyPro Live Checkout is the perfect tool to increase your E-commerce conversions!

It allows you to show Live Carriers Rates and our Drop Off Points map offers your customers much more flexibility.

With every Fast Growing or Professional Plan you also have 500 map loads for free!


What can I do once connected Shopify?

By clicking on Edit from Marketplaces section you'll have some different options that will help you personalize Shopify use on ShippyPro:

  • Add my ShippyPro carrier rates to my Shopify Checkout:  thanks to this option it will be possible to show carrier tariffs at Checkout according to the carrieSh  connected to ShippyPro. This option is only available for Advanced Plan subscriptions.
  • Import only paid orders: only paid orders will be imported
  • Notify the customers when the orders are shipped: customers will be notified when the order will be shipped
  • Include drop off points at checkout: you'll be able to show your customers the drop off points available for your carriers at Checkout. This option is only available for Advanced Plan subscriptions.
  • Location: by adding your warehouses in this section and selecting them from Marketplaces > Edit they will be updated each time an order is dispatched.



1. Why my Shopify fulfilled orders are not imported on ShippyPro?

ShippyPro only import Shopify unfulfilled orders which not contain spaces in order numeration.

2. Why only 25 orders have been imported when I connected Shopify to ShippyPro?

Once connected Shopify to ShippyPro only the last 25 orders will be automatically imported on ShippyPro, to proceed with a total importation of the orders is required an Annual Plan Subscription.

🔑 Upgrade your plan to Fast Growing or Professional to start import backlog orders!

Once Upgraded your plan click on the chat logo 💬and forward us your request, we'll then import the orders for you.


Done! 🎉


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