How to create custom views on the New Experience


With the New Experience, you can save the filters you use most often in To Ship and Shipped into personalized views just a click away.

By selecting from the filters available in the table or in the right section, you'll have the possibility to create dedicated views for the selection of preferred orders.



Moreover, you can reorder the newly created views to fully customize your display.

To do this, click on 'Manage Views' which you can find under 'More > Manage Views,' or by clicking on the contextual next to the view's name on the right.


All settings are specific to each view, so as to give maximum freedom for customization.
We offer the following table settings:

  • density of the rows (small, medium, large)

  • quantity of columns to show and in which position in the table

  • quantity of orders to display in the table

This will allow you to:

  • Speed up shipping processes: Minimize the time spent selecting orders and potential manual errors.

  • Optimize collaboration: Multiple individuals can work on different personalized views without overlapping.

  • Included in all plans: You can add and reorder personalized views anytime, regardless of the plan.


Do you use Shopify?

In the new experience, Shopify tags are imported! Filter and create personalized views based on the tags you're accustomed to using.

Shipping order selections has never been easier!


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