How to fix Amazon Merchant Fulfillment (AMF) errors

Have you correctly connected AMF but you're facing some issue during label creation?

Here's how you can fix them case by case:

This shipment already exists. You can process AMF shipments only once. Edits are not allowed

In this case, check that the label has been created from the order's details on Amazon Seller Central.


Error: AMF only supports Amazon Orders

This means that the order number passed to Amazon’s system does not respect Amazon’s nomenclature standard: if the order has been created with one of our API calls, please make sure that the field TransactionID is populated with the correct Amazon’s order number, otherwise please get in touch with our Support team.


AMFv2: SEUR 24 - This rate is rejected: CARRIER_WILL_NOT_PICKUP, En el método de envío seleccionado, el transportista no presta el servicio de recogida. Por lo tanto, entrega los paquetes al transportista o elige otro método de envío

The carrier doesn’t offer automatic pickup booking. In this case, make sure to unflag the option “Carrier will pickup“ in your AMF module ❌, from Carriers > Connection > AMFv2 > Edit.


Unable to create the label using the requested format

It means that the rate you chose supports either ZPL or PDF. Change the label format in the section Carrier > Connection > Edit AMF and fix the order. If you want to print PDF instead of ZPL you can click on Print ZPL in PDF from the Shipping labels section.


To check: 28585984-95d3-4bdd-a414-eb16663a502b (or similar)

The AMF rate has expired. Please bring back the order in the To Ship section by clicking on the blue arrow and ship it again, or re-do the Ship call if you're shipping via APIs.

The shipping offer ID has expired. Please make a new call to GetEligibleShippingServices to get a new ID.

This error is returned by the carrier when too much time has past between the GetRates request and the creation of the order with through the Ship request. The orders needs to be created right after obtaining the tariffs.

You exceeded your quota for the requested resource

The number of calls that can be made per second is limited.

For this reason, when this limit is exceeded, the API returns the error given above. You can manually retry the label generation with "Fix Order".

AMFv2: BRT_EXPRESS - This rate is rejected: DOES_NOT_PROVIDE_DELIVERY_EXPERIENCE, The selected shipping mode does not guarantee the desired delivery experience (e.g. delivery scan, signature confirmation, etc.). Choose another shipping mode that can meet the delivery experience requirements or change the delivery experience

This kind of error implies that the rate is not compatible with the requested delivery type - in this case you can change the "Delivery type" field of your AMFv2 connection modal by selecting a different delivery type, save the changes, and re-process the order. This specific error message refers to BRT, however it is possible that other carriers show a very similar message for the same problem.


"The request has an invalid grant parameter : refresh_token. User may have revoked or didn't grant the permission"

This means that the Amazon Auth Token has expired - In this case you can correct the issue by deleting your current connection and creating a new one with the same credentials. In case it is not yet expired you can extend its validity by going in your Seller Central profile, then in the "Manage your Apps" section and click on the link that says "Extend validity".


This rate is rejected: DOES_NOT_MEET_PDD, Non è conforme alla data di consegna promessa

The error relates to a delivery method that does not meet the "Promised Delivery Date" (PDD). In this type of scenario, the system checked that the carrier/ship option would miss the Promised Delivery Date, hence displaying the error to show that such option is not available to protect the customer from receiving a delayed service. It is expected that some orders receive such feedback while others don't, since factors involved are not the same (pricing, routes, distance, PDD, etc).

So, even if multiple orders are shipped at the same time and only one or some orders return this error, this is normal behavior based on carrier and service parameters.

I have connected AMFv2 but I cannot ship with my preferred carrier via AMF, what do I have to do?

AMF/FBA: If rates are not shown and the error returned is something like “Terms and conditions not accepted for carrier XYZ”, please be sure that you accepted the API Terms and Conditions on your Amazon Seller Central.

I cannot print my labels with AMFv2 due to incorrect label format, what can I do?

AMF: Amazon returns the wrong label format. We have an open ticket with Amazon and we’re working on an internal patch to overcome this situation.

I cannot receive labels from AMFv2 with Ship API and the error message is: 28585984-95d3-4bdd-a414-eb16663a502b (or similar)

In this case the rates from the carrier are out of date, and the order must be processed again to receive the right shipping rates

I have successfully connected AMFv2 but I cannot reach the carrier rates section during the shipment creation process. All I can see is the ShippyPro logo spinning.

AMF/FBA: If your carrier rates are not displayed, and all you can see is the ShippyPro logo spinning, please check if there are any special characters in the address, name, item description, and any other additional fields. Characters to avoid include: ! " % & / ( )