New Experience: How can I search my Orders?

Searching for your Orders has never been easier! ✨Discover here how to do it. 🔎


Before starting, just one note:

Search will be valid only for complete values, so partial data won't be considered. Make sure that the Order ID forwarded is complete.



From Label Creator > Shipped, click on the magnifier on the right of the page, right above your orders list.

This search bar allows a maximum of 512 characters


You can search orders by:

  • Transaction id (also a partial of the string)

  • Customer master

  • Recipient address

  • Tracking code

  • SKU

  • Shipping method

  • Payment method

  • Notes


Please note that due to performance reasons, the searches based on names and e-mail addresses are limited to 1 month.


On the other hand, searching by ShippyPro order ID, Transaction ID and tracking number will return all results, without any time limit.


Search Multiple Orders


Just includes Orders' IDs separated by a + to search with multiple values:

So the Orders' IDs will be ID 1 + ID 2.


Then they'll be both shown down below in the page, so that you can proceed with your work super quickly and saving time!


Here some extra hints:

  • Orders that haven’t been shipped in ShippyPro will not be searchable via Search.

  • If the label has been cancelled before shipping it on the Platform, it cannot be found.


Errors & Troubleshooting 

I can't find an order that has already been shipped. What can I do?

Don't you know how to find an order? Don't worry!
Here are some tips to help you find it!


Tip 1: Search it with the Search Bar

From Orders > Shipped tab, click on the magnifier icon that you'll find on the top right side of the screen.
This button allows you to search for Shipped Orders, for which you've created a label for.


Search an order by number, reference, recipient or tracking. You'll find the result of your research in the middle of the screen:


Please remember that this Search has no time limit! You'll search and find orders that have been shipped since you first started shipping with ShippyPro.


Tip 2: Search it in the Archived Orders

If you don't remember the order number, reference, recipient or tracking number you can still search it between the archived orders if you have archived it by mistake.


Orders will be archived for a maximum of 120 days. After 120 days, it won't be possible to unarchive them.


Tip 3: Has your order been shipped more than 120 days ago?

No problem then!


If your order has been shipped more than 90 days ago, you can still find it with the Search bar. Enter the order number or tracking number!


Remember that you won't be able to unarchive them.

Verify that the platform isn't showing the message "Your orders page contains more than 2500 orders, please archive the orders".

In that case, try to archive some orders, the older ones you were looking for should then appear by filtering all of them by date.