How to fix Colissimo errors

Learn how to solve the issues you may face with Colissimo

Have you correctly connected Colissimo but you're facing some issue during label creation?

Here's how you can fix them case by case:


Identifiant ou mot de passe incorrect

In this case, check your password from Colissimo connection module and make sure it's correct (verify if there are some extra spaces and if so, remove them)


30047 Le téléphone de l'expéditeur est incorrect

Sender phone number field is not correctly filled or it is missing, verify it by clicking on Fix Order.


L'association ville et code postal est incorrecte. Veuillez modifier vos informations de destination.

City and ZIP code field are not correctly filled, verify it by clicking on Fix Order.


Le nom du destinataire n'a pas été transmis

Try to:

  • Enter the name of the individual in the "Company" field.

  • Switch information from Address 1 to Address 2 field.


Le poids total des articles est supérieur au poids du colis Colissimo errors.

In this case you need to check the CN22 as well as Parcel Weight.


Les options ne permettent pas d'effectuer un étiquetage

Check or uncheck the option "With signature" from Carriers > Colissimo > Edit.

This error means that there is an incompatibility between the Country, the options chosen (with or without signature) and the Product Code entered in the details of the shipment.

We invite you to consult this page for more details.

E.g. It is possible that you have chosen an option "Without signature" to a country of the European Union which only accepts "With signature" shipments.


Le montant total des frais de transport n’a pas été transmis

In this case shipment costs must be set different from 0.


L'option valeur assurée est incorrecte

in this case, try to select the option "With signature" from Carriers > Colissimo > Edit. It must be checked for accounts linked to Colissimo, as delivery with signature is mandatory for deliveries outside France and for parcels with insurance, otherwise all parcels will be refused when labels are created.


Cannot book pickup

If you face this error while trying to book a pickup with Colissimo, note that there is no book pickup option on the Colissimo API. This is a Colissimo back office option, and when activated, the mailperso who passes daily to deliver letters will also check if there are parcels to be shipped at the same time.
This request can't be made via API calls. The option on colissimo is free and payment is requested only when there are parcels to ship.


30223 Le courriel du destinataire est incorrect

Change the email address of the receiver avoiding spaces.


30109 Le pays ou code postal expéditeur ne permet pas d’effectuer un envoi

To correctly generate the label with Colissimo, the French sender's address must be included in the request (other countries are not admitted).