How to fix GLS France errors

Here some tips and tricks to solve GLS France errors

If you're facing some Errors during GLS France label creation, don't worry!

Take a look at the following lines for some useful tips on how to solve them.


To check: E004, T400

Problem with the server, contact GLS France for support.

​To check: E002, T330

This error suggests that the zip code is incorrect. Notify the carrier of the zip code for further verification.

​To check: E006, T330

This error means that this is an export shipment (outside France), which is not possible with the Unibox solution.

Error E006

If this error occurs it's because GLS France connection doesn't support foreign shipments.

You should indeed create two connections:

GLS FRANCE for Domestic

GLS for Europe

A verifier : E002, T1229

In this case recipient email address hasn't been included to the shipment, add it by clicking on the blue pencil icon and confirm.

Error E002, T8700

You should check Depot field from Carriers > GLS France > Edit as it's not correct.