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How to set up Drop Off Point Map for Live Checkout
How to set up Drop Off Point Map for Live Checkout
Our step by step guide for Live Checkout Maps configuration
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With ShippyPro Drop Off Point Map your customers will have the possibility to choose the Drop Off point and the Carrier Service that most suit their needs, so that you'll offer them a better Shipping Experience and your shipping cost will be reduced. 📉

Let's see how to set it up in just few steps!

How to set Map Setup 🔧

To personalize your map settings go to Live Checkout > Maps Setup.

Here what you can do:

Change the different colors of the Map 

From the button to the text and the backgrounds color, it's up to you!

Change Map dimensions

So you can resize the Map according to your website or use it full screen.

External Input Address 

Select External Input Address if you'd like your customer to personally include a specific address to refers to.

KM Distance

Right below this option you can choose the distance to show.

Walk and Car distance will be displayed with a Paid Plan, otherwise you’ll see only the distance as the crow flies.

Set Carriers

You can apply one or all of your carriers that features Drop Off points.
In order to do that, just select the ones you're interested in and their relatives services.

The API Key displayed at the end of the page it's necessary for the configuration of the Drop Off Point Map inside the Module on your website.
Then settings will be automatically saved and applied to your website, so that you're immediately ready to go.  💾

If you'd like to know how to show the information picked from the Drop Off Point Map selection on your labels feel free to take a look to our dedicated guide to Advanced Settings.


Done! 🎉

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