Connecting your Carriers to ShippyPro is really easy and quick. 

Choose from more than 120+ carriers from the largest integration library!

Let's see how it works! 🔍

How it works ⚙️

You can connect your Carriers' Accounts from Carriers > Connection. There you have a list of all our carriers' integrations. 

  • You just need to click over your carrier's logo:
  • From the box that pops up, you'll normally need to enter your Carrier Account Number, the API Username and the API Password. 

💡Note: By Username and Password we always mean API Username and API Password.

  • Choose then the Carrier Service that you normally use. If you use more than one service from the same carrier, you need to add two different integrations. You can then customize the label of each integration as you like. 

Here's an example:

The largest part of the integrated carriers has a similar setup:

Look how easy it is to integrate Palletways for example: you'll only need to add your API Key and choose the service.

Please remember that in some cases, you may need to contact your Carrier Account Person and ask for this kind of data.

However, it may be that a specific setup is required for some carriers. Here are some step-by-step guides to integrate DHL, UPS and FedEx.

If you're still facing some issue with your carrier connection, try to look here:

  📌Note: once made the shipment you'll need to make the Manifest, here how to do it step by step.

Done! 🎉

🔍 What's Next?

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