How to fix Magento 2 issues

Are you trying connecting Magneto 2 but you're facing some issues? Here's how you can fix them case by case:


  1. Connection issues

  2. Update issues

  3. Import issues

1. Connection issues


Something went wrong during the connection with Magento 2? 

First of all, don't panic! Here are some tips that will help you solve your issue:


  • Step 1: Check your Store URL

    Have you correctly entered your Store URL? Remember that the url must be the same as you see in the address bar of the browser including http:// - https:// .

  • Step 2: Check your Magento Credentials

    Have you copied and pasted all your Magento Credentials correctly? Check them again! 

  • Step 3: Select "New" and "Processing" as Status and State
    Remember that you need to select at least "New" and "Processing" as Statuses and as States for your Magento Orders to be imported into ShippyPro.

    If you don't, Magento will be correctly connected but ShippyPro won't be able to import new orders ready to be shipped.


In case you missed this step or you think this might be the cause, read and follow carefully the guide again here: How to connect Magento 2

Invalid credentials to access to Magento services. Re-insert and try again!

In case you get this error and the problem persists, even after double checking your credentials and trying to generate new credentials, the error may be due to the amount of orders to be imported (which could time out the connection request).

In this case, if you have many Processing orders on Magento, try leaving a smaller number of orders in Processing (e.g. 50) and retry the connection.

You can also try decreasing the number of days selected for import in the connection modal ("Imports orders from the last 'n' days") by selecting 7 days or less.

Error 401

When HTTP status of 401 error occurs, it means you are not Authorized.
Verify with your technician the Server Authentication Permissions.


How can I know that Magento 2 is correctly connected?

If the connection is correctly established, you'll receive a positive message advising you that the marketplace has been successfully connected.

Authentication error - Message: Signature method %1 is not supported HTTP status: 400

Please flag the option "Magento Version 2.4.4 or later" in your connection modal.

​Still having some trouble connecting Magento 2?

If you need a hand, we're here to help. 👋

Contact us either via chat or form request from your Support Panel by clicking on the black HELP button in the lower right corner of your account.


2. Update issues


Cash on delivery orders will not be updated automatically, you will have to perform the action manually in the store.

Magento can only be updated once, for this reason, we suggest you not to update it directly on the Marketplace but wait for it to be done from ShippyPro.

Magento does not support Track&Trace updates, for this reason they won't be shown on the Marketplace


Until further news exclude M2E pro orders by checking “exclude external order” inside magento connection menu.

3. Import issues


Magento 2 has an importation limit of 300 orders at the time.

You can also select "Imports orders from the last "n" days" on the connection module (from Marketplaces > Edit). If you keep having import issues, we suggest selecting 7 days.

If this detail is changed, the orders will still be imported chronologically.

Third Party App

If you employ third party plugin (such as m2epro) order's data may not be imported or be imported incorrect .

Why do I see the wrong image for my items?

In case you have different products, you'd need that each product has a different SKU: otherwise in case of repeated SKUs and different image, only the first image will be displayed for each one.
To sum up, just remind to follow this super understandable rule:

1 SKU = 1 Image​