How to connect Magento 2 to ShippyPro

Learn how to connect Magento 2 step by step

Connecting your Magento 2 Account requires only a few steps.

Follow these guidelines to start shipping your orders in less than five minutes!


  1. Before you start

  2. Connection steps

  3. Specific requirements

  4. Troubleshooting & Errors

1. Before you start

Before proceeding, make sure to check that the status of the orders to be imported corresponds to the actual orders to be imported.

Update the orders already shipped in order not to block unfulfilled orders from being imported.

1. Log into your Magento 2 account and click on System > Integrations:


2. Click on Add New Integrations:


3. From Basic Settings > Integration info, enter ShippyPro as Name of the integration.
Leave all the other fields (Email, Callback URL etc...) blank:

4. Click on API tab and select All from the options and then click on Save:


5. You should now see ShippyPro among the Integrations. Click on Activate on the right side of the page to enable it.


6. Click Allow on the top right side of the page:


7. Magento will now supply you with the keys and tokens required to connect your website on ShippyPro.

2. Connection steps

1. Now that you have all the information you need, login to your ShippyPro account > Marketplaces, and click on the Magento (v2.x) icon. 


2.  From the window that pops up, paste your website url, keys and tokens:


You need to add your production live URL, any under-maintenance website URL won't be accepted.

3. Specific requirements:

Need more info about the other options displayed in the menu? Then keep reading!

  • Store IDS.

    By leaving this field empty, all your stores' orders will be imported in a unique Magento folder on ShippyPro.

    If you'd like to differentiate your stores in multiple folders in To Ship section, add a new Magento connection for all of them including the specific Store ID of each one as well as a Customized Label in order to recognize them.

  • Filter by Status:

    You can decide which orders import on ShippyPro. Select all the status you'd like to include by pressing on ctrl (Windows) or cmd (iOS) while clicking on the different status, like this:


In case of problems with the selection of Pending orders in the connection menu, check the quantity of orders to be imported as if too many it may block them.

If you would like to import custom statuses currently not present in the Magento module, Upgrade your plan to Annual and reach out to our > Customer Support Team, we'll be happy to assist you!


  • Filter by State:
    Here the most common states assigned to orders on Magento 2:

    • New: The order hasn't been shipped yet and doesn't have an invoice. 

    • Processing: The order has an invoice but hasn't been shipped yet.

    • Pending Payment: The order has been shipped and the invoice created. 


Note: Please note that if, for example, you'd like to import all new orders in Magento 2, you'll need to select New both in Filter by Status and Filter by State.

  • Magento 2 also has an importation limit of 300 orders at the time.
    Through Import orders from the last "n" days you'll be able to select from when start to import your orders:

Please keep in mind that this is optional, if not specified we'll import the orders from the last 28 days.


  • Click on Update my Magento profile with shipped orders tracking numbers and mark as shipped to update your store without further action on your side.

  • By enabling Exclude external orders all your orders transmitted from a different Marketplace won't be imported into ShippyPro.


Until further news exclude M2E pro orders by checking “exclude external order” inside magento connection menu.


If the connection is correctly established, you'll receive a positive message advising you that the marketplace has been successfully connected.


Can I replace my Magento API Key without creating a new connection?

In case you'd like to update your Magento marketplace to a new version and your wondering if you can replace your API Key the answer is: yes, you can!

You'll be able to simply replace your API Key with a new one without having to create a different connection.

When and where will my orders be imported?

After Magento 2 has been successfully connected, all your pending orders will be imported together with order details and product images in Label Creator > To Ship in the next 10 minutes, ready to be shipped in a few clicks.

Inside To Ship section you are able to display all your pending orders imported from your stores every 10 minutes.

Orders can be imported from a maximum of 30 days.

4. Troubleshooting & Errors

Are you facing some issues with Magento v2? Please visit the following page:

How to fix Magento v2 errors