MyDHL is a web service from DHL, one of the major logistics providers globally.

In this article, you will learn how to connect MyDHL to ShippyPro and add additional options such as a return label in the box or paperless trade to your existing connection. ✨


  1. Before you start

    1. Register at DHL Developer Portal

    2. Fill out the DHL onboarding form

  2. Connect MyDHL to ShippyPro

  3. Additional options

  4. Errors & troubleshooting

1. Before you start

Register on the DHL Developer Portal

To proceed with the connection, you need to have an API Key, an API Secret and an Account Number that you can retrieve by registering to the DHL Developer Portal if you don't have one yet.

Fill out the DHL onboarding form

  • Go to APIs > Browse all services

  • Click on DHL Express - MyDHL API

  • Then on Get Access

  • Fill in your company data.

  • At "How would you like to use the API?" inside the DHL registration page, you should select the option "I require credentials to DHL Express – MyDHL API for an existing plugin/ecommerce platform/third-party solution" and simply add ShippyPro.

  • Concerning the section called "Requested Services", please tick over all the services available. The field named "Transaction volume per month" is only useful to DHL for statistics purposes, therefore it won't influence you on the use of the API.

  • After some hours you can check your DHL Developer profile where you should be able to see your App Status as approved.

  • Then, click on DHL EXPRESS – MYDHL API under App Name where you will Request Production Access on a red button. Once you click it, you will receive confirmation that the request has been sent within minutes and the local DHL team will need to approve it according to their timeline.

    In case the request remains pending please contact DHL directly in order to speed it up.

Please also refer to DHL guide step-by-step guide here in case of questions or doubts.

2. Connect MyDHL to ShippyPro

Now that everything is correctly set up in MyDHL portal, you're ready to connect it to ShippyPro.

  • Navigate to Carriers > Connection and click on MyDHL Logo (simply type "MyDHL" on the search bar to spot it in a sec).

  • If you do Cash on Delivery shipments, remember to flag the checkbox "I confirm that I am aware of the below message":

  • Enter your API key, API Secret and Account Number

    ❗❗ Be sure that you avoid inserting spaces when you copy and paste, otherwise you will see the error "Invalid Credentials"

  • Pick your label type and your product code. Remember to ask your DHL Account Manager which are your active product codes. If you'd like to add multiple services, you'll need to create a new connection for each one.

Label Format




Product Code























  • Please note that the service EXPRESS WORLDWIDE NONDOC is for merchandise only and EXPRESS WORLDWIDE DOC service is meant for documents, not other kinds of physical goods.

📌If you'd like to include multiple services in the same carrier connection you'll need to select Product Code: ALL SERVICES.

3. Additional Options

🔁 Print return labels

If you’d like to print shipping and return labels together while you ship your orders (return label in the box), add your DHL Return Account Number inside the DHL Account Number field and your Account Number in the DHL Return Account Number field. Then tick Print Return Label option at the bottom and confirm. Please note that the label format will be the one you chose for outbound shipments since it cannot be changed for return labels.

📌 If you’d like to make Returns separately from the main shipment, you need to create a new MyDHL connection. This time, insert your Return Account Number in the Account Number field and your Account Number in the DHL Return Account Number field. So basically, the exact opposite of the first set-up. Do NOT tick the Print Return Label option. Finally you can create your manual shipment for the Return: click here to learn how.

🌱 Paperless Trade

You can also decide to enable the Paperless documentation option by ticking "Paperless Trade" and uploading your ETD invoice from "Invoice Manager" section, or via UploadPaperlessDocumentation API call.

🧾 Print commercial invoice

This option will allow you to automatically generate your commercial invoices for international shipments. By selecting this option, you won't have to enable the paperless checkbox in the modal - the ETD will be generated together with the shipping label!

🗓 Data Staging Environment

By selecting the Data Staging Environment option, you can extend the duration of a label without knowing the actual date of handling to the Carrier.

🧪 Test Mode

Enable the Test Mode if you'd like to make some test shipments. Please keep in mind that this option should be flagged only if you have test credentials, not production credentials!

✍🏻 Custom Label

If you want, you can also enter a Custom Label to recognize the connection among all the others.

📆 Select the default amount of additional weekdays required to prepare the shipments
The default amount of days required is 1 day. You can change this from the drop-down menu in case the next day is Bank Holiday in the country you are shipping from. For example tomorrow is a bank holiday, change this value to "2" days required. If the following 2 days are both bank holidays, change this value to "3" days required.
❗Make sure to do this on all your myDHL connections, even though you might use only one service.

4. Errors & troubleshooting

While trying to connect MyDHL or while using it to ship your orders, you might experience some errors. No panic: keep reading to discover how to fix them! 🧑‍🔧

For more info and tips on errors on MyDHL connection please consult our step-by-step guide here.

  • Requested product not available for pickup date

In case the next day is a Bank Holiday, you might receive this error, as the system picks up the next day for pick-up by default. Make sure to change the value "Select the default amount of additional weekdays required to prepare the shipments" to 2 or more days from Carriers > Connection > myDHL > Edit for all your myDHL connections (not only the one you are using for the specific shipment)

  • 7008: The requested Special Service Code: #/valueAddedServices/0/serviceCode ‘WY’ is not available between this origin and destination. Please validate the products and services combination (via the /rates or /products service) or contact our customer service.

This error appears when:

  1. You activate the Paperless option for a non-taxable shipment (such as a domestic or intra-EU shipment).

  2. The Paperless option is not available for that extra EU destination.

  • 7120: Required either #/outputImageProperties/imageOptions where typeCode=invoice or provide #/documentImages
    The error message indicates that you need to activate the flag "Print Commercial Invoice" in the carrier modal (from Carriers > Connections > Edit) OR to upload the ETD file.

  • ''100002: Null Validator: SHIPMENT_ID not found in request map., 100002: Null Validator: SHIPMENT_ID_CHECK_DIGIT not found in request map.''
    This error message refers to an internal DHL problem that does not allow AWB and JJD number assignment. Usually this is a temporary failure.

    If the malfunction persists, please contact your DHL representative.

  • Error Da rielaborare: #/customerReferences/0: required key [value] not found, #/outputImageProperties/customerBarcodes/0: required key [content] not found

    • In this case, please make sure to have correctly added the order ID as it's considered as mandatory info for the Carrier.

  • Da rielaborare: 1001: The requested product(s) (P) not available based on your search criteria.(409224511)

    • The indicated destination city is invalid: eg. "cityName": "NA". You can check the postcodes and locations accepted by myDHL system at this link:

  • 410138: Requested product(s) not available at payer, H/-

    • The Product Code (meaning the DHL service) is wrong. Please check it with your DHL representative and select the correct one.

  • Invalid Credentials

    • In this case, always check if you input the correct credentials, and pay extra attention if you added an extra space in the API Key or API Secret. You can check the settings from Carriers > Connection and, once the Carrier is selected, click on Edit.

  • Value is shorter than minimum length

    Either sender's VAT number or recipient's IOSS number is missing from your profile

  • MyDHL - error 8009: Shipper Billing Country must either be same as Billing Country of Shipment Origin or the Shipper Account must be an Impex Account

    In case you’re making return shipments with MyDHL, the problem could be related to the fact that you haven’t set a return acount number from your MyDHL connection modal.

    For more info on how to correctly configure your account for the return shipments, please check out the section 🔁 Print return labels in this guide.

  • MyDHL - Unedfined Error. Status code: 400

    This happens mostly when your API credentials have not been activated on DHL's side: if you encounter this error, please double check in your account on DHL's developer portal if your API credentials have been activated for production, or request assistance to your DHL representative.

  • #/content: required key [description] not found.

    Select in the profile preferences as the reference number our Shippypro number.

  • 7121: #/content/exportDeclaration is mandatory when provided product is dutiable, please update and try again.

    Select Paperless Trade in the carrier configuration under Carriers > Connection. Also remember to include all the information relating to the CN22 so that the parcel is processed correctly at customs controls.

  • My live rates for DHL are not displayed at the checkout screen in Shopify! Why?
    Don’t worry, the solution to this might be very easy! Please make sure that your return address is not longer than 45 characters, if necessary you can split it between the two dedicated address fields. If the issue persists you can contact our Support Team for further assistance.

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