Have you tried to add your Tracking Code or your Order ID but you're still facing issues with Easy Return?

Let's see what the reason might be! 🔎

1. Manual or Excel Shipment 📝

Please note that it's not possible to employ Easy Return for Manual or Excel Shipments.

Since it needs articles details from the item to return, Easy Return Form works only with orders coming from a Marketplace.

Please remember that also API orders without articles details can't be returned via Easy Return.

📌 Easy Return is not currently able to let you split your multiple items orders. For this reason, every item purchased in multiple quantity should be returned entirely.

2. Delivered Items 🚚

Also remind that Easy Return will only be able to accept completed tracking status.

Check from Shipping Labels section via Global Search or Track&Trace Overview if the shipment has been marked has Delivered.

3. Return Rules ✏️

It's possible that the order you're trying to return doesn't match the Return Rules applied.

Check whether some of the conditions are blocking the order to be returned and try again.

Some examples may be:

  • Missing recipient Country among Return Rules

  • Order value not matching the values selected

4. ShippyPro Order ID

Easy Return only recognises Marketplace Order IDs and Tracking Numbers, which you can easily find from Shipping Labels section:

5. Carrier doesn't support returns

Verify whether you Carrier supports return label creation from this page; if not, unfortunately you won't be able to use it with Easy Return.

6. Orders must have been shipped via Shippypro

Only an order that is present in ShippyPro can be returned via Easy Return!

If you have shipped an order outside Shippypro's platform you can still return it using our Easy Return by importing its data via our PutShippedOrder API call.
In order to work there must be a data match!

7. Be sure you are not returning an article sent as "return"

If, during the creation of the shipment, you accidentally enabled the yellow symbol in the top right corner of the form, you will not be able to use the Easy Return mode, because the original order was already marked as return.

Good shipment:

Return Shipment:

Nothing of the above seems to work? Please contact us 💬, we'll be happy to help!

Done! 🎈

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