With ShippyPro PutShippedOrders API call you can automatically import the orders which haven't been shipped through ShippyPro.

...everything with one single call for all your Carriers! 🙌

What are the specific features of this API Call? 📌

With PutShippedOrders call you'll be able to:

  • Receive all the details of the shipments that haven't been fulfilled via ShippyPro to manage them directly inside the platform.

  • Use Easy Return and Track&Trace without having previously created the shipment via ShippyPro.

How can you use it? Easy, follow this rule as first step to activate API Orders folder on the Platform. Then proceed with the PutShippedOrders API call from Integrations & API > API > API Console specifying the API Orders IP found following the steps from the guide linked above.

💡 Carriers and shipping services that will be employed in the call should:

  • Be integrated with ShippyPro

  • Connected to ShippyPro

Moreover, the shipments should be added into the API call on the same day of the pickup.

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