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How to fix GLS France Errors
How to fix GLS France Errors

Here some tips and tricks to solve GLS France errors

Updated over a week ago

If you're facing some Errors during GLS France label creation, don't worry! 🙌

Take a look at the following lines for some useful tips on how to solve them.

⚠ Error E006: if this error occurs it's because GLS France connection doesn't support foreign shipments.

You should indeed create two connections:

GLS FRANCE for Domestic

GLS for Europe

⚠ A verifier : E002, T1229: in this case recipient email address hasn't been included to the shipment, add it by clicking on the blue pencil icon and confirm.

⚠ Error E002, T8700: you should check Depot field from Carriers > Connection > GLS France > Edit as it's not correct.

For more tips about how to fix labels in Error take a look here:

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