ShippyPro is the complete shipping hub for e-commerce that allows you to ship, track and return your orders. 

Starting with ShippyPro is easy and free! Follow these quick steps to create your account and select your shipping preferences.

How to setup your profile ⚙️

STEP 1: Create your Account 

Creating a new profile will only take you a few minutes. Click here to start setting up your profile. Fill out the required information and enter your password. 

STEP 2: Set your preferences

Choose your preferences. Select your language, currency, and the unit of measure and the weight used for shipping your products. 

STEP 3: Set your primary Informations 

Now we need your company details. Enter your main Shipping Address and VAT Number

Please, remember that all fields are mandatory.

STEP 4: Select your Stores and Carriers

ShippyPro offers a large library of intregrations, with more than 53 Stores and 100 Carriers ready to be connected in one click! 

Choose your Sales Channels and your Carriers so that we can help you with the setup later. If you've just started your e-commerce business and you don't know which marketplaces you're going to use yet, don't worry! You'll then be able to change them. 

Select the approximate average number of orders to ship every month. 

And.. You're ready! 🎉

You'll be redirected to your new ShippyPro profile, ready to ship in less than two minutes!

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