How to fix Marketplace general issues

If you are facing some Marketplace issues, try to follow our suggestions below:


Can I add another Marketplace of the same platform?

Yes, you can! To connect other marketplaces of the same platform (for example, another eBay store) it's not necessary to modify the first one. You can simply add a new store, by clicking again on the relative icon on the left side of the Marketplace page.

You'll then be able to enter a custom label to recognize the same marketplaces connections among all the others:


Why do I see the wrong image for my items?

In case you have different products, you'd need that each product has a different SKU: otherwise, in case of repeated SKUs and different images, only the first image will be displayed for each one. To sum up, just remind to follow this super understandable rule:

1 SKU = 1 Image

Can I connect the same shop on different ShippyPro accounts?

No, you should not connect the same shop on different ShippyPro accounts, because this can lead to anomalies or blocks in the importation of orders.

Why my orders with the same ID are not imported on ShippyPro?

The same order number can't be imported on ShippyPro twice, so make sure if you already imported an order with the same ID.

In that case, you can proceed to create a Manual Shipment.

Can I automatically import the weight and measurements from my Marketplaces?

ShippyPro only imports order weights from Prestashop, therefore it will automatically applied a standard parcel for all your shipments.

Would you like to automatically assign a parcel to all your shipments according to order's weight? Take a look at the My Parcels guide.


Why are my order edits not applied on ShippyPro?

If you updated your order directly on the marketplace after it was imported in ShippyPro, your edit won't be applied to ShippyPro.

If you need to edit some info you can easily proceed directly on ShippyPro during the creation of the shipment in To Ship section, so that your shipment process can be managed in one place!

In case you already processed the shipment for the order concerned, you can easily edit the shipment with the new data by clicking on the blue pencil icon on its right, this way it will be generated a new label for the order.

Note: For Shopify, we DO import the modifications if you modify your order's details (e.g. change delivery details, add/remove items) AFTER the order has been imported into ShippyPro.

You can enable the feature in 2 ways:

  • Flag the option "Import only paid orders" in the Shopify connection

  • Create the Shopify connection EX NOVO deleting the present one and connecting it again.


Why my orders don't contain Shipping Information?

If you notice that your orders imported don't show Shipping Information, don't panic!

You can easily solve this issue, keep reading to know how.

First of all, verify that your orders only present digits, not special characters or symbols (such as -, /, *, !, %). Otherwise, these symbols won't allow shipping data to be imported.

In this case, fix Orders IDs directly from your marketplace.


If you're using Shopify, you can change it from your Shopify account > Preferences > General Settings > Click on formatting next to Order ID and add a prefix or suffix:


Then make a new Shopify connection.


What can I do if I face HTTP status of: 302 error?

If you're trying to connect your marketplace and HTTP status of: 302 Error occurs, it means that there's an issue with the URL inserted.

Try to add it by copying the address directly from the URL bar without any content after the slash or the domain suffix (like .com, .net etc.).


Why won't Product Images or Order Details be imported into ShippyPro?

The largest part of our integrated sales channels allows you to import product images and details.

To enable this kind of import, simply click on My Profile > Preferences > Carrier Preferences.

Be sure that these two options are correctly selected:

If not, select them and wait 10 minutes for new orders to be imported into Label Creator > To Ship section alongside Order Details and Product Images.




- ManoMano is not enabled to send items' images because of their settings.

- For all WooCommerce orders received previously the connection to ShippyPro it won't be possible to import product's images and details such as the SKU and the quantity.