How to fix DHL Parcel errors

Have you correctly connected DHL Parcel but you're facing some issues during label creation? Here's how you can fix them case by case:



Can I ship to a Packstation with DHL Parcel?

Yes, you need to set the address as follows:


Street Line 1: " Packstation " + space + number
Street Line 2: Postnummer

The Postnummer is the Deutsche Post recipient's reference code that should have between 6 and 10 numbers.

Moreover, please make sure not to include the Company name inside the recipient address for the Postfiliale.



"statusCode": 118,

"statusText": "Invalid GKP username and\/or password."

You can directly inform your DHL person about that, they'll show you how to change your DHL account access data.

📌 Verify together with the Carrier whether your Account Number is authorized to ship to Germany or other European countries other than Germany.



Der angegebene service ist nicht bekannt?

In this case turn off the Print return label option inside Carrier's module.
It is very likely that there is a misconfiguration in the DHL account, i.e. the return has not been activated by DHL.
Contact your DHL Sales Person and ask to check and correct the settings in your DHL account.



Cannot book pickup

If you encounter this error when trying to schedule a pickup with DHL Parcel:

  • Please note that the pickups are valid only for Germany and only with production credentials (test credentials won't be accepted).

  • You can set up 10x15 cm label format directly from DHL Parcel Portal at this link.



Why do I have two identical DHL Parcel Tracking Code?

If you happened to find two orders with the same DHL Parcel Tracking Code, don't worry!

What you need to do in this case is to ask your DHL Parcel Account Manager to extend Tracking Range, in order to generate different Codes for each shipment.



Hard validation error occured. Bitte geben Sie eine Postnummer an.

Hard validation error occured. Packstationsnummern liegen zwischen 101 und 999. Bitte setzen Sie sich mit dem Empfänger in Verbindung, um eine korrekte Nummer zu erfragen

It means that the Postnummer (Deutsche Post recipient's reference code that should have between 6 and 10 numbers) hasn't been included or it hasn't been included correctly.



Why my DHL Parcel shipments are no longer tracked?

If your DHL Parcel shipments seem no more tracked, your DHL Parcel credentials might have expired. ⏱


Contact your DHL Person in order to update them.


A verifier: Request processing failure

Temporary server issue, please wait a few minutes and try again relaborating the labels.