Can I choose my currency?

We can import orders' data in To Ship with all types of currencies.

The currency among which you can choose and that can be shown are only EUR, USD, GBP and DKK, you can set it up from My Profile > Preferences.

These four has to be intended as referring to your Profile and Carrier's Rates, however orders can also be imported with the following currencies:

  • USD

  • EUR

  • GBP

  • DKK

  • AUD

  • CAD

  • SGD

  • CHF

  • MYR

  • PHP

  • CNY

  • RUB

  • SEK

  • HRK

  • JPY

  • AED

  • PLN

  • NOK

  • CZK

  • HKD

  • MXN

  • SAR

  • ZAR

  • KRW

To recap:

  • Currencies shown in My Profile regards Carrier Rates or Invoices.

  • Currencies shown in To Ship are the ones imported from Marketplaces.