How to edit Parcel Dimensions and Weight

Here's how to edit parcel dimensions and weight while shipping your orders

Either when you ship your orders singularly, in bulk or when you create a manual shipment, you can edit your parcel dimensions and/or weight.


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  1. Configuration process

  2. Troubleshooting & Errors

1. Configuration process

Basically, every time you try shipping your orders from To Ship page. 📦


You'll find predefined dimensions and weights that can easily be customized from Admin > My Addresses and Parcels

This could be useful, for example, if your products have standard dimensions.

Click here to learn how to add customized parcels.


  • If your parcel has different customized dimensions and/or weights, click on the ➕ sign on the top left to edit them. 

  • Select then the number of parcels with the same dimensions and/or weights that your shipment contain and then click on Click here to add a parcel:


Please note that the fields Goods Descriptions and Items Value are mandatory fields. 


The minimum value allowed is 0,01 kg and and at least 10x10x10 cm, or 4x4x4 inches, differently, the system won't be able to recognize them and will give you an error.


You can decide then whether to add Insurance, Cash on Delivery and Incoterm.

2. Troubleshooting & Errors

How can I add multiple parcels to my Shipments?

While creating your shipment, click on the green + icon and add your new parcel dimensions.

You can also do this once the shipment has been created, click on the blue pencil icon on its right, you'll then be able to display all order's data.

As seen before, click on the green + icon and add your new parcel dimensions.

You can also decide whether to choose from your registered packages or include a new customized one in Centimeters or Inch / Kg, g, oz, lbs.

When you get everything set up, click on Add parcel.


How can I assign a predefined parcel to my shipments?

As you may already know, ShippyPro only imports order weights from Prestashop, therefore it will automatically applied a standard parcel for all your shipments.

Would you like to automatically assign a parcel to all your shipments according to order's weight?
To proceed you can use our My Parcels functionality by following the instructions you can find here.
This way, you'll be able to setup a list of marketplace's SKUs on ShippyPro, so with each new order the weight and measurements entered on ShippyPro for each SKU will be associated to a predefined parcel.