Have you correctly connected SpringXBS but you're facing some issue during label creation? 🔍

Here's how you can fix them case by case:

📌 Delivery temporarily suspended due to COVID-19.

The shipment can't be elaborated due to COVID-19 emergency.

📌 Invalid Consignee ZIP-code.

Zip Code field is not correctly filled, verify it by clicking on Fix Order.

📌 Consignee ZIP-code required.

Zip Code field is a mandatory field and it hasn't been filled, verify it by clicking on Fix Order.

📌 This Shipper Reference already exists.

Carrier's Server has already registered a shipment with that Order Reference and it won't accept a new transmission with an identical one.

Click here to learn more.

📌 Unsupported destination country

This error means that the Country of destination is not served by the Carrier.

📌 Can not create new tracking number - barcode range is out

If you face this error it means your barcode range is over, contact the Carrier to restore it.

List Constantly Updated.

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