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How to connect Opencart to ShippyPro
How to connect Opencart to ShippyPro

Here step by step how to connect your Opencart Marketplace

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To connect Opencart to ShippyPro read carefully the next steps so to connect it in just few minutes! ✨

Let's see how to proceed. 🔎

First, API Module 📥

Purchase, download and install the Opencart Rest API Module from here.

Then select the Version installed on your website + API Security as:

  • Simple if your version is 1.x

  • oAuth if you version is 2.x

Get Client ID, Client Secret and Token 🔑

Once installed and set up the Module, proceed from Extensions > Extensions > Extension Type = Module

then Rest Admin API Simple version > Edit.

When done all of the above, the following section will get opened:

What you need from here are Client ID, Client Secret and Your Generated Basic token, copy and save those three data for later. 📝

Back to ShippyPro 🖥

At this point, open again ShippyPro and go to Marketplace section, click on Opencart Logo.

Fill the the fields you'll see as following:

  • Hostname: insert your website URL.

  • Token: Correspond to Your Generated Basic token from the section shown in the screenshot above as well as:

  • Client ID and Client Secret.

  • Username / Password: add the same used to access the Admin Panel on Opencart.

  • Import Status ID and Filter by store name are not mandatory fields.

📌 Note: Status ID included can be only one.

Can I connect my Opencart account if I only have my Token? 🤷‍♂️

Yes if the installed version is 1.x! In this case you can leave Client ID and Client Secret fields empty and select as Integration Type "1.x.x"


Done! 🎉

What's Next? 🔎

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