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How Live Checkout works
How Live Checkout works
Here how our Live Checkout tool can make shipping experience easier
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Let your customers choose the Shipping Method they prefer may improve their shopping experience and encourage them to purchase again from your Sales Channels. ShippyPro Live Checkout is the perfect tool to increase your ecommerce conversions! Showing live carriers' rates and our drop–off point map offers your customers much more flexibility. 


⚠️ Kindly note that Live Checkout modules are only available with a limited number of Marketplaces and Carriers and it might require some development effort.


1. Before your start

Live Checkout is an additional module by ShippyPro that allows your customer to autonomously choose the best Carrier rate and a potential Drop Off Point by choosing it from the available map.

Please, be aware that this module might require some effort on your part as the setup process is not automatic. Moreover, remember that this tool is only available for a specific number of Marketplaces and Carriers, visit the list in this article or check out the Comparison Map:

2. How Live Checkout works

Live Checkout gives you the opportunity to show the nearest drop–off points for your Carriers. In order for it to work, all prices (as seen in the contract) have to be inserted by visiting Carriers > Connection > Edit Prices.

For Shopify Plus & Advanced plans

Live Checkout will display the Carriers connected on ShippyPro: based on the name and the service connected there will be displayed Carriers prices accordingly. Some carriers (like DHL Express, UPS, FedEx, and TNT Express) automatically send your negotiated rates to ShippyPro after the connection. You can find the whole list of Carriers with this feature here by clicking on Live Rating.

Why should I use Live Checkout?

  • Increase in conversions rate: reduce Cart Abandonment Rate and offer your customers the possibility to choose the delivery option that suits their needs the best.

  • Reduce your shipping cost: Carriers usually apply a discount if you ship to a drop–off point and there are no extra costs for undeliverable parcels.

How does Live Checkout work? 

  1. You can decide to customize your map with colors, distances and carriers of your choice.

  2. You can embed it directly to your website by inserting a few strings of code inside your webpage.

  3. Pay per Load module monthly fee is based on how many times your customers load your map at checkout.

3. List of Carriers and Marketplaces

Are my Carriers supported?

You can find the whole list of Carriers here by clicking on 'Drop–Off API' feature.

Here is the list of all the supported carriers and their relative drop–off points:



Colis Privé

Point Relais


Point Retrait



Correos Express


Points Relais Pickup

Chronopost Portugal

DPD PT Pickup


DHL Service Point

DHL Parcel

DHL Service Point


Ship Centres


Locker Inpost 24

Mondial Relay

Point Relais


Point Corner / Point Office


Nexive inZona

Poste Italiane

Rete Punto Poste

Relais Colis

Point Relais Colis

San Marino Mail

Drop Off Points


Pickup Points

TNT Italy

TNT Point


Access Point

Find the updated list here:

Are my Marketplaces supported?

The official CMS now available for Live Checkout are the following:


Automatic setup, the Shopify map will be displayed by the customer only after the payment.


Module creation required: development effort needed.


Module creation required: development effort needed.


Module creation required: development effort needed.


Module creation required: development effort needed.

4. FAQs

Is access point information transferred from the Marketplace, or does ShippyPro retrieve it from Carrier's online interface?

If you're using our Check Out Module we'll save the Access Point ID into order details, then we create the label linked to that access point without other actions.

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