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How eBay Importer works
How eBay Importer works
Here's how and when to force the import of eBay orders
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For some reason, you may need to force the import of eBay orders

Let's see when you might need to and how to do it! 🔍

📌 I renewed my eBay Token but some orders haven't been imported into ShippyPro 

Once a year, you need to renew eBay Token from Connections > Marketplaces

Please note that orders received after the token has expired, won't be automatically imported into ShippyPro, not even after the Token Renewal. 

❗️This will be true also if the token has been renewed before the expiration

💡 With eBay Importer, you can force the import of those orders and see if there are orders that you still need to process. 

  • In order to do so, click on Admin > eBay Importer and select the eBay store you'd like to verify. 

  • Select the day(s) during which the Token has been expired and click on Load. 

  • You'll then find the orders that weren't imported into ShippyPro. Click on Import on the right side of the page to import them in To Ship


📌 I accidentally cancelled an eBay order from To Ship page.  How can I retrieve it?

If you have accidentally clicked on X under the column Action for an eBay order, don't worry! 🙌

You'll still be able to import it again with eBay Importer. Follow the procedure summarized above and select the interval of days in which the order was first imported into ShippyPro.


📌 I've just connected eBay and my orders have been imported without product images. What can I do?

If you have just connected eBay to ShippyPro and the first imported orders show no product image, you've come to the right article! You'll be able to solve this issue in a few steps. 

  • You'll only need to delete all the orders wrongly imported by selecting all orders in bulk and clicking on the red button Delete more orders:

  • Follow then the instruction summarized above to correctly import the orders in To Ship page again. 

Done! 🎉

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