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How eBay Importer works
How eBay Importer works

Here's how and when to force the import of eBay orders

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For some reason, you may need to force the import of eBay orders

Let's see when you might need to and how to do it! 🔍

📌 I renewed my eBay Token but some orders haven't been imported into ShippyPro 

Once a year, you need to renew eBay Token from Connections > Marketplaces

Please note that orders received after the token has expired, won't be automatically imported into ShippyPro, not even after the Token Renewal. 

❗️This will be true also if the token has been renewed before the expiration

💡 With eBay Importer, you can force the import of those orders and see if there are orders that you still need to process. 

  • In order to do so, click on Admin > eBay Importer and select the eBay store you'd like to verify. 

  • Select the day(s) during which the Token has been expired and click on Load. 

  • You'll then find the orders that weren't imported into ShippyPro. Click on Import on the right side of the page to import them in To Ship


📌 I accidentally cancelled an eBay order from To Ship page.  How can I retrieve it?

If you have accidentally clicked on X under the column Action for an eBay order, don't worry! 🙌

You'll still be able to import it again with eBay Importer. Follow the procedure summarized above and select the interval of days in which the order was first imported into ShippyPro.


📌 I've just connected eBay and my orders have been imported without product images. What can I do?

If you have just connected eBay to ShippyPro and the first imported orders show no product image, you've come to the right article! You'll be able to solve this issue in a few steps. 

  • You'll only need to delete all the orders wrongly imported by selecting all orders in bulk and clicking on the red button Delete more orders:

  • Follow then the instruction summarized above to correctly import the orders in To Ship page again. 

📌 I renewed the token and forced the order importation via Ebay importer, but I'm still getting the error that the Token is expired. How come?

In this case, verify directly with Ebay if they revoked the Token for some reason.

Done! 🎉

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