Managing your orders becomes easy and intuitive with ShippyPro.

As soon as your orders are shipped, they'll be collected in Track and Trace > Overview. Here you can see your shipments filtered by their latest status updated from the carriers.

Let's see how it works! 🎉

1. How the Dashboard works

Inside the Dashboard, you'll see a quick recap of your shipments. Here is a Chart with some Statistics filtered per status to better control your shipments:

You can decide to view shipments up to 60 days. For older shipments you can check the status from Shipping Labels > My Archived Orders.

💡Note: orders data can be exported up to 365 days before the date of exportation.

 2. How to filter your shipments

  • You can Filter your shipments by Status, by Carrier, by Marketplace or by Departure Date. Otherwise, simply search for your ShippyPro ID, Marketplace ID or Tracking Number among all your orders.

  • The Status by which you shipments can be filtered are: Delivered, Out For Delivery, In Transit, Exception (for orders with temporary issues), Failed Attempt and Info Received (The carrier has confirmed that the data about the shipment had been received.)

  • You can also filter your shipments by the day of label creation, clicking on Filter by departure date

  • ShippyPro identifies Late Shipments even if they don't show particular problem but they are simply in transit. Click on the box on the right to display them. 

  • Click then on Unshipped Only to display orders that haven't received any status from the carrier yet. These orders won't appear on the Dashboard since their status is registered as Unknown


3. Where is my Tracking Number?

Once you've shipped your orders, Tracking Number will be automatically created and updated in your sales channels according to your settings.

📌 Note: ShippyPro will display tracking updates only if received within 30 days from label creation.

You can find the Tracking Number of each order under the column Tracking:

Click on it to see the Tracking History of each shipment. If you click on the Tracking Number again, you'll be redirected directly to the carrier tracking page.

📌Together with Tracking you'll also be able to see the POD once the order will be delivered.

4. How to hide an order and add a note

  • It is possible to hide an order from Track and Trace Overview by clicking on ✖️ . Please remind that email notifications won't be sent anymore to the customer and you will not be able to see that order anymore from this section but only from Label Creator > Shipping Labels.

  • You can add a note clicking on the post-it logo, enter the text of the note then click on the floppy icon to save.

The note will be visible written in red under the latest status of the shipment.


5. How to send predefined emails

It is possible to send a predefined email to update the client about his order. 

📌Note: at the moment predefined messages can't be added by the user.

In the window that pops up, you can edit the subject, recipient and content of the email and choose a different Server Email to be shown as sender address between the ones connected in Integrations > Plugin (the default is [email protected]).

If you'd like to see the Tracking Emails that have been automatically sent from ShippyPro, click on View Messages:

You can choose for which status you'd like to send Tracking Emails to your customers from Track & Trace > Email Condition.

Learn how to it step by step here: 


6. How to Download an Excel

Here you can Download an Excel of your shipments by selecting a specific Status, Carrier or time range:

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