New Experience: How to add Insurance to your shipments

Let's find out together how you can add insurance to your shipments

Adding an Insurance to your Shipments has never been quicker.

You can easily add it during your Shipment Creation, let's see how! 🔎

Select the order/s you want to create a label for and reach this step:

Look for "Order Details and Documents" section, then click on Edit, you'll there find the insurance field in which you can add the insurance amount:

Then you can proceed in creating your labels as usual; as soon as the order is shipped, you will find the specific about insurance and its amount in orders details, inside the Shipped tab, by clicking on the + sign of each order.

If you forgot to add Insurance during Shipment Creation, don't worry! 🙌

In the Shipped section you'll be able to look for that shipment and click on the button saying Edit&Ship again; please remember that in this case you're deleting a label and creating a new one. Check if the carrier used supports shipments deletion via our carriers' comparison map, by checking the Void column.

📌 Please note: If you are creating your shipment via API, remember that the insurance is per shipment, not per package! The only exception is with UPS shipments, in which case we take the insurance value and divide it by the number of packages.

And you're done! 🎈