How to connect FedEx v2

FedEx is one of the largest multi-carrier networks in Europe focused on transportation, e-commerce and business services.


In this article, you will learn how to connect FedEx to ShippyPro and add additional options such as a return label in the box or Print commercial invoices to your existing connection. ✨



  1. Before you start

  2. Connection steps

  3. Supported services

  4. Additional Options

  5. International Shipments

  6. Troubleshooting & Errors


1. Before you start

To set up FedEx, you need to have a FedEx account. Click here to create one if you don't have it yet.


2. Connection steps

  • Navigate to Carriers and click on FedEx Logo (simply type "FedEx v2" on the search bar to spot it in a sec).

  • You then need to agree to the FedEx EULA in order to proceed with the connection. Click then on Next.

  • Here you need to fill all the required fields. Enter your Account Number, name and address and confirm.

📌 Please make sure not to have included blank characters or punctuation in data.


  • Choose a Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) method to verify your identity and finalize your FedEx account registration. Based on the choice you made on FedEx portal during the account creation, you will be able to authenticate with the following options:

    • Verify with Invoice: pick an invoice you received in the last 90 days and insert Invoice Number, Date, Amount and Currency

    • Verify with PIN: Choose how to receive your PIN (by email, SMS or phone call), click "Send" and insert the number you obtain

🎉 Congrats, now you're authenticated! It's time to set up your desired configuration.


3. Supported services

  • Set the FedEx Service:

    • Select All Services, if you want to choose among all the available FedEx services during the shipment creation. With this option, you will visualize all the services FedEx provide for each specific shipment and you will be able to select each time the cheapest or the most suitable for the specific shipment.

    • If you want to use a fixed service for all your shipments, select it in the menu


  • Select your preferred label type


  • Select a packaging type among the FedEx standard ones. If you want to use custom packages, click on Your Packaging



4. Additional options

📨 FedEx ShipAlert® (Email Notification)

With this option you can decide to have the carrier send an email to the recipient when the shipment is in the selected status (on Label Creation, on Shipment, on Estimated Delivery, on Delivery, on Exception). Contact your FedEx Account Manager to know if you are allowed to use this option and related fares.

✍️ FedEx® Delivery Signature Option

With this option FedEx will require a signature to the recipient as a delivery proof. You can choose among Direct, Indirect and Adult signature required options. Contact your FedEx Account Manager to know if you are allowed to use this option and related fares.

🔁 Enable Return Label in the box

If you’d like to print shipping and return labels together while you ship your orders (return label in the box), enable this option. If you want, you can even choose a specific as destination of your returns, by selecting it in the Fixed Return Receiver Address menu. Please note that the label format will be the one you chose for outbound shipments since it cannot be changed for return labels.

🛡️ Use Shipment Value as Declared Value

With this option you can automatically set in all the shipments a Declared value equal to the total shipment value. If you want to set a different Declared Value for each shipment you can do it during the shipment creation by clicking on Carrier Options and inserting the desired value. Do not check this checkbox if you want to not use this option. Contact your FedEx Account Manager to know if you are allowed to use this option and related fares. Follow this link for more info about Declared Value.

1️⃣ FedEx One Rate®

FedEx One Rate is a flat-rate shipping option for packages under 50 lbs, without requirement to weigh or measure them. By enabling this option you will visualize a flat rate during the shipment creation Contact your FedEx Account Manager to know if you are allowed to use this option and related fares. Follow this link for more info about FedEx One Rate®.


5. International shipments

In this section you can configure your connection with FedEx in order to manage in the best way international shipments and related documentation. Let's see the available options:

  • Paperless Trade - FedEx® Electronic Trade Documents

    By checking this option, you enable the FedEx paperless service, that allows digital transmission of a commercial invoice, or other electronic documents (ETDs), to the carrier

  • Generate Invoice with FedEx format

    With this option FedEx will automatically generate your invoice for international shipments. You can choose among proforma and commercial invoice.

    By selecting this option the invoice will be generated together with the shipping label!

    • ❗❗ In order to generate the invoice correctly, FedEx requires the upload of two images: one image will be print as the letterhead while the second will be the signature of your invoice.

    • 📌 Please note that allowed formats are PNG and GIF and that dimension limitations are the following:

      • Signature image: 240x25 pixels - 60KB

      • Letterhead image: 700x50 pixels - 60KB

  • Generate Electronic Export Information

    Check this option only if you need to request to FedEx the generation of Electronic Export Information (EEI) document. This document is necessary only for import/export to/from USA, Canada and Puerto Rico.



6. Troubleshooting & Errors

Go to this link to check common errors and resolutions:

How to fix FedEx errors