How to Connect Refurbed to ShippyPro

Refurbed is the fastest growing Marketplace for Renewed products in German-speaking countries.

In this article you will learn how to connect Refurbed to ShippyPro and add additional options such as the possibility to automatically update your Marketplace. 



  1. Before you start

  2. Connection steps

  3. Troubleshooting & Errors


1. Before you start

As a first step, retrieve your Token directly from your Marketplace account.
In case of doubts please get in touch with the Marketplace support.


Usually, the Token is in the following format (alphanumeric):



2. Connection steps

All you have to do to connect your Marketplace is to access to Marketplace section from your ShippyPro account, click on Refurbed logo and paste your Token before confirming!


Update my Refurbed profile with shipped orders tracking numbers and mark as shipped

Enable this option to automatically send all the shipment details to the Marketplace and update it with the status Shipped.


Please be aware that Refurbed requires the tracking URL.

3. Troubleshooting & Errors


Why aren't my orders imported into To Ship?

Delete the current connection and reconnect your store again using a new Token.
Be aware that we import only Accepted orders.

📌 Please note that if you want to import also the NEW orders you have to flag “Autoaccept New Orders”:



Why are my orders not auto-accepted, even if "Auto-accept New orders" is flagged?

This might happen if you have many old orders with the "New" status on Referbud. Every time that we try to make the update, we accept 100 orders starting from the oldest one.
We will import the orders only from the last year, but if the volume of the orders "New" is important, it might take a few days until the current orders are updated.
We suggest updating the orders on the marketplace to avoid importing and accept those orders.

Why aren't my orders updated on Refurbed?

Refurbed checks both the SKU and the Name of the items inside the orders, and will update the status on the marketplace only if they will be the same on ShippyPro and Refurbed.

How can I cancel permanently the orders I don't want to see in To ship section?

In this case, you should change the order status directly on Refurbed to a status that doesn't admit the order importation.