I cannot connect Prestashop

If you're facing some issues during Prestashop connection, there's nothing to panic about! 🙌

Keep reading these simple tips and tricks to start shipping in nothing flat!


What if I don't receive the confirmation message?

If you don’t receive the confirmation message, please check your URL and Key then try to do this way:

  • Go back on Prestashop > Advanced Parameters > Webservice> Configuration you will find “Enable CGI mode for PHP”.

  • Change your settings (if it’s on No change in Yes and vice versa) and save.

  • Then repeat the connection


When "This call to PrestaShop Web Services failed and returned an HTTP status of 401" error occurs, it means you are not Authorized.

In this case proceed to activate Webservice and CGI permissions directly from your Prestashop Account.

If the error still occurs, verify with your technician the Server Authentication Permissions.

Ask your technician to verify Logs and if there are some Blocks.


In case you get the following message during the connection: Authentication error - Message: This call to PrestaShop Web Services returned an unexpected HTTP status of:403 Error detail

Write us in Chat 💬, we'll provide you with our IP to whitelist on your server.


If you face HTTP Status of 500 error, it indicates that there's a server issue.

A 500 error is a client-server error, probably overloaded at that time or temporarily unavailable to handle our request.

The request is actually correctly sent from our side but your server can't register it due to this error.

In this case, you should ask your technician to verify Logs and if there are some Blocks.