How to manage POD on ShippyPro

Discover how to start managing POD on ShippyPro

ShippyPro gives you the opportunity to manage all your Proof of Delivery directly in one place. ✨

In fact, you'll be able to see all your POD in Track & Trace > Overview as soon as the shipment has been delivered.

Before starting, please check here if your Carrier supports POD option.

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  1. Delivery Signature

  2. Available Carriers

  3. Troubleshooting & Errors

1. Delivery Signature

You can find the Delivery Signature from Track & Trace > Overview, Proof of Delivery will so be shown by clicking on the Tracking Number of an already Delivered order.


It will appear like this:


2. Available Carriers

Check at this link if the Carrier you'd like to employ supports this option.

If your Carriers are not among the ones in the comparison map, don't worry! 🙌 Contact your Carrier's Sales Person to receive more information about POD and then write us in Chat. 💬


Note: For some Carriers you'll need to some extra steps:

  • Bartolini: Ask your Bartolini Account Manager to enable the Scarico PDC with Nome File = Numero Spedizione, then send us the FTP Url, UserName and Password via Chat. 💬

  • BRT: You can enable Proof of Delivery (or Proof of Delivery) by selecting the Enable POD option (contact BRT first to enable it) and requesting from your BRT contact the FTP credentials shown immediately after enabling it.

    Then select the Check to Date option from the Courier Options when creating the shipment.

    Also, via API you can apply the same option by entering it in the Ship call as:

    "CarrierOptions": [ { "name": "brtassegnoadata", "value": "1" } ]


  • GLS: Ask your GLS Account Manager to enable the Scarico PDC with Nome File = Numero Spedizione, then add your FTP credentials directly from Carriers > Connection > GLS Italy


3. Troubleshooting & Errors

Up to how many days can we retrieve the POD?

UPS: POD can be retrieved up to 120 days
MyDHL: POD is available for years - the important thing is to provide the date of the shipment, otherwise the POD with the most recent AWB number will be displayed

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