How "Invoice Analysis" works

Learn how Invoice Analysis works step by step

Please note: Invoice Analysis feature is only available for GLS Italy, BRT, MyDHL, and UPS.


Reducing stressful and repetitive tasks is really easy with ShippyPro, in particular when you manage your Carriers' Invoices.

Let's see how it works! 


  1. How it works
  2. Invoice details
  3. FAQs


1. How it works

From Analytics > Invoice Analysis you can immediately identify surcharges that the carrier has billed and keep track of cost discrepancies.


a. Upload the Invoice

First, it's necessary to upload the invoice by clicking on the button Upload new Invoice.



  • The file needs to be in CVS or XLS/XLSX (Excel format).

  • The Delimiter will be prefilled with an Automatic value, which depends on the selected Carrier (for instance, for GLS Italy is a semicolon ;). You don't need to change it unless you are sure that the delimiter of the file is one of the characters shown in the dropdown menu.

  • You can choose to send the processing notification either to the ShippyPro profile email or to another email of your choice.

It is possible that in the invoice you upload to the platform, there are orders that do not match those in our systems (for example if you manage a part of your shipments outside ShippyPro). In this case, we will send an email with an Excel of the rows that we excluded from the analysis.

The uploaded invoice might take some time to be processed by our system, depending on the amount of shipments to analyze. When the invoice processing is finished, you will receive a notification email with the outcome of the process and a link to view the invoice you uploaded


Ask your Carrier person to supply you with the invoice containing the following values as header:

DHL Express
CSV, name “Invoice number.csv”, first 5 columns: Line Type, billing search, original invoice number, invoice number, station code

CSV, second column is UPS Account Number, fifth column is Invoice Date, sixth is Invoice Number, eighteen is Tracking Number.

GLS Italy

File produced by “Scarico per Cliente Esterno” tracciato 3.4.9 “Tracciato record dettaglio fattura”, with "zftpsgmg" program setting.


b. View Total Costs and breakdown

Once the invoice has been processed, you'll see a useful summary of the Invoice total amount, what you were supposed to pay "by contract" and the Analysis of the Invoice, which is the discrepancy between the first two values.


​In the bottom part of the summary you will see an Invoice breakdown, where you can find the billed freight cost, the discrepancy between what the Carrier billed and what you were supposed to pay "by contract", Tax, Fuel Surcharge, Cash on Delivery shipments and the sum of the Extra Costs. These are costs related to on-hold, remote areas, exceeding dimensions, insurance, returns, and additional services.


  • a red value 🔴 means that you have to pay more than expected;

  • a green value 🟢 means that you have to pay less than expected.


2. Invoice details

Just below the summary, you will find a detailed table for each uploaded shipment of your Carrier invoice.

For all the shipments included in the analysis, you can check the discrepancy between what the Carrier billed and what you were supposed to pay by contract, the discrepancy in Freight cost, all Extra Costs, Weight and Dimensions of your orders, Shipment and Delivery date and lastly Days in Transit.​


3. FAQs

What if any Carrier costs are questionable?

If you identified questionable or wrong costs in your Invoice, you can add notes directly on the table and then export a new Excel with the full Analysis.


If you selected shipments or added notes, you will have 3 different export options:

  1. Export the full analysis with all the shipments included

  2. Export only selected shipments, the ones you can select with the checkboxes

  3. Export only shipments with notes


    As for the upload, you can choose to send the export of the invoice analysis to an email of your choice.

Next, you can send the Excel to your Carrier and ask for a refund 💰


Are you Shipping via API?

No problem! 🙌 With ShippyPro APIs you'll be able to carry Invoice Analysis so as to quickly identify surcharges and wrong tariffs.

What you need to do is pass the shipment costs, detailed pricing, and parcel dimensions when making the Ship API request. Further information can be found in our API documentation.

This way you can keep track of your Carrier's Rates more easily than ever before.


Take a look at our Pricing page and start now!